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What Is An Isolation Glove Box, And What Are Its Types?

A lab isolation glove box isolates the exterior environment from the interior environment to save the internal process from the outside operator. The gloves are installed at the front or side panels in the glove box, allowing the user to efficiently perform any task inside the glove box without harming the containment.

The isolation glove box performs several operations, such as dealing with some hazardous material or sensitive operations that need a controlled atmosphere. These isolation glove boxes are primarily used in laboratories to test pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biological and microelectronics, and cleanrooms.

How do They Differ From Simple Glove Boxes?

Isolation Glove Box is not entirely similar to normal glove boxes. These boxes are usually constructed of stainless steel and are welded with the Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) process. In some cases, the isolation glove box is built using tempered glass in the place of a transparent clear acrylic part.

This can also be substituted by some other material, which provides excellent safety for a higher degree of an operator. The isolation glove boxes have built-in access ports, with environment control of the oxygen and nitrogen mixtures. It also has features to control the moisture and helps to filter the isolated environment.

If required, the isolation glove box could be outfitted with the components that a researcher needs. The researchers can add cold storage freezers, Hydrogen, and oxygen monitoring, PLC control units, reaction cold wells, vacuum pumps, and safe filters for replacing the methods such as bag-in/bag-out, among others.

Types Of The Isolation Glove Box

When you start looking for the best isolation glove boxes, you will certainly come across different types. These different types of glove boxes are differentiated on the basis of the material and usage type.

Shielded Isolation Glove Box

The shielded isolation glove boxes are designed to use in hospitals and laboratories in the nuclear medicine department. Due to their capability to work with hazardous substances, these are used with toxic substances such as radioactive materials. These isolation glove boxes allow a person to deal with poisonous substances.

Sterile Isolation Glove Box

The sterile isolation glove box is used for fractioning purposes in hospitals and laboratories due to its capability to work with the manipulation of toxic substances, pharmaceuticals, and infectious disease agents; this allows the person to work in isolation and protects the person while working with toxic substances.

Inert Atmospheric Isolation Glove Box

These are special isolation boxes that deal with high purity inert atmospheres like argon and nitrogen. It manipulates substances such as argon and nitrogen for performing air-sensitive research; this inactive atmospheric isolation glove box helps maintain the inert atmosphere.

Pharmaceutical Mixing And Packaging Isolation Glove Box

The pharmaceutical mixing and packaging isolation glove box is used for packing and mixing the drug powders. A PVC chamber is there, which introduces the drug powder into the chamber using the hopper interface. This packing and mixing of drugs are performed in a low-humidity and static-safe environment. This uses ULPA filters which help to remove toxic airborne powders.

Material Stress Testing Isolation Glove Box

The material stress testing isolation glove box accelerates the life-testing of fiber composites, elastomers, and many other materials based on a wide range of temperatures from -200F to +1400 F(-290 C to 680 C) along with humidity(5 to 95% RH).

USP 797 Bio Safe Compounding Aseptic Isolation Glove Box

The USP 797 bio-safe compounding aseptic isolation glove box protects sterile preparations. It creates an ISO 5 environment that helps the sterile preparations be isolated from the outside environment.

Containment Or Barrier Isolation Glove Box

The containment or barrier isolation glove box prevents the operator from the inside environment process or material. This type of glove box is used to protect the toxic and non-toxic material used by the biological, pharmaceutical, and nuclear industries.


The laminar flow isolation glove box removes the particles of 0.3 microns size or more significant than that. In this, a direct-drive electric motor is there, which moves the air using the HEPA filter then particles are removed at the rate of 99.99%. Sometimes, a ULPA filter is needed, which is used to remove the particles of 0.12 microns size or more extensive than that, and in this also efficiency level is 99.999%.

Several types of isolation glove boxes are used in several industries. Some of them are explained above with their uses and how it works. If you search for a sound isolation glove box, then you can try from this list shared above. You will be able to make better choices on you know what you want from your glove box.

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