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What Are The Key Features And Characteristics Of Shaker Kitchen Cabinets?

Shaker cabinets are timeless, clean, and simple. The units are mainly characterized by the doors consisting of two flat-top rails, one flat-inset panel, and two flat-side rails. The furniture is named after a religious community founded in England before they settled in North America during the 18th century. According to them, honesty is found in simplicity. And that concept they implemented in their houses. The houses that reflected this belief as saltboxes of tidy corners and clean lines were scattered in New England before they reached the South and the Midwest. The cabinets are the epitome of minimalism. They are made of natural materials. They are durable and highly functional.

Key characteristics of shaker cabinets

White shaker kitchen cabinets can be defined by the following traits.

  • The power of clean lines – Clean lines of the cabinets let them function more effectively and beautifully while not overpowering the focal aesthetics of the kitchen. There is no ornate pattern in the cabinets and that ensures an elegant yet subtle look.
  • Precision – The main statement of shaker style lies in its simplicity. Though the flat edges of the furniture can catch grime and dirt, that is not something of major concern.
  • Simple yet versatile – White shaker cabinets are buildable with any good quality cabinet-grade wood. You can apply paint or leave them natural. The shakers community used fine-quality hardwood like birch, chestnut, and maple to ensure stunning craftsmanship. But modern joiners use maple and cherry wood for building modern cabinets. However, oak and pine wood are also used to create modern kitchen cabinets and other shaker-style doors. As it comes to your kitchen, make sure your chosen wood can handle scratches and bumps.

Hardware that looks best on modern shaker style cabinets

  • Ceramic knobs for a classic look – The knobs will remind you of cozy cottages or old-style farmhouses.
  • Glass knobs for an elegant look – Glass knobs are meant to add a subtle classiness to the cabinets.
  • Nickel or brass knobs for a simple look – These are some of the most common pepper shaker cabinets installation options. These simple decorative alternatives enhance the industrial lighting fittings and stainless-steel appliances.
  • Tubular bar pulls for a modern look – Modern shaker kitchen cabinet designs pair with big tiles and dark finishes. Choose tubular bars of short or long length, as per your choice. You can install them vertically or horizontally according to the design of the door.
  • Flat bar pulls for a sleek look – Such pulls are smooth yet sharp. They can be nicely coupled with other square edges inside the kitchen. You can use flat bar pulls for reinforcing both light and dark cabinets, ornate tiles, and quartz countertops.
  • Bin pulls for a vintage look – Bin pulls can be a perfect solution to combine different door handle designs together. You don’t need to worry about mixing and matching.
  • Pulls with exposed screws for an industrial look – Pulls look trendy yet sleek with exposed screws. You may combine them with other minimalist features like exposed bricks and stainless-steel houseware.
  • Latches for a retro look – These create nostalgia. Though they are not too functional they are handy especially when you’re looking for extra safety from the kids or pets.

Create something functional yet stylish with shaker kitchen cabinets. They are less expensive in comparison to other styles. However, the cost depends on the size and finishes used.

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