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What Do We Need to Get Perfect Eyes for Every Occasion?

Good eye makeup is a must for beauty lovers and professionals alike, and you can wear it on every occasion, from red carpets to date nights to drinks with friends. While this classic look looks like only a professional makeup artist can master it, the perfect smoky eye is quite easy if you break it down step by step. Below, we show you how to create these classic eye looks with the help of an expert. For more details, you need to read the instructions given on cardboard cosmetic packaging boxes.

The Makeup items do you need for the perfect eye blend?


A full-coverage concealer, like the YESA BEAUTY Skin on Skin BC Concealer, can be used to highlight and soften the eye area. It is also perfect if you prefer to use an eyeshadow base over concealer.

Eye shadow brush.

Before creating a smokey eye look, use a dense eyeshadow brush to effectively transfer the pigments from the eyeshadow palette to your lids.

Blending brush.

Use a fluffy brush like a blending brush to ensure the shade blends perfectly without being harsh.

Eyeshadow palette.

A classic eye requires three eyeshadows—full shade, liner, and highlighter—while palettes like the HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Palette in Smokey mix shimmery and matte eyeshadows for each finish. Create a smoky look. 

Gel eyeliner.

Gel formulas, like the Always On Gel Liner from SMASHBOX COSMETICS, can easily create rich and blendable colors. You can also use it for dramatic smokey eyes. It is also encouraging to use it as a cleaner and more minimalist look.

Black mascara

To avoid wasting mascara, use waterproof mascara that sticks completely until you remove your makeup.

All the steps to follow if you want enchanted eye makeup

Prepare your eyes first.

To avoid the worst wrinkling and fading of smoky makeup, it’s best to use a primer beforehand. For a flawless finish, we recommend Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer Makeup. You can apply it with a small brush or fingers. Apply evenly on the lids and around the eyes. You need to opt for a BB cream instead of a moisturizer. With the benefits of a multitasking formula, you can hydrate, brighten and cover in one cream to even out your complexion and conceal imperfections. Choose a BB cream that suits your skin type. One of our favorite products is the Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream, suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Give them a perfect overlay.

Create a smoky look on dark circles that results in the dreaded panda eye! Apply eyeshadow to your lids before picking up your eyeshadow. You can also use a concealer like Insight Pro Concealer to cover dark circles for the perfect finish. Using a small brush, apply concealer from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Alternatively, use it on the eyelids to create a neutral base.

Apply Dark shades

It is the most important but the easiest step in the makeup routine. Apply black khaki to the upper and lower lash lines. That makes the eyelash a prime thing, and it makes eyelash boxes wholesale market boom like never before. Don’t worry about perfection, as the eyeliner will smudge and blend with other eyeshadows. Make sure to use a formula that is not too dry. Try Lakme Iconic Kajal, a waterproof formula that delivers a deep black finish that doesn’t change over long periods of use.

Eyeshadow Palette should be elevated.

Now comes the fun part. Get out your favorite color palette. We love Makeup Revolution London BBB Fortune Favors, which comes in 30 shades of matte, gloss, and shimmer. So, you can try all types of smoky eyes. Apply and blend black or dark eyeshadow over eyeshadow with a dense brush. Then choose a neutral shade for the creases and a dark brown shade for the lids. Use hula.

Pro tip: Apply a slightly shimmery color to the outer corners and bronzer to the center of the lids and above the lash line to add depth to the look.

Too much Mascara is not good.

Mascara is essential for smoky eyes. We love volumizing mascaras, like Maybelline New York Volumizing Mascara, for an eye-catching look in an instant. You can also apply fake eyelashes on your eyes. It is a perfect makeup tool that is mostly wrapped in eyelash packaging boxes.

Make your eyes shimmer.

Apply the lightest shade from the eyeshadow palette to the inner corner of the eye. Using a light shade of luminous eyeshadow, use a small brush to brighten the outer corners of your eyes. A similar effect can be achieved with a good highlighter. You can also apply it under the brows to accentuate the brow bone and create a more defined look. 

Apply Dark shadows to get a Smokey eyes

Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, start at the outer edge of the eye and apply the darkest shade in a C-shape. Choose dark espresso shades and blend upwards and outwards to blur the tense lines. Apply the color to the outer lash line and center of the crease, and finally blend all the colors well. If you choose a bold smoky look like this, make sure you brighten the rest of your face. It draws attention to your eyes and makes them stand out.

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