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Eye Catching Coloured Contact Lenses You Must Buy

Among all the important senses, sight is considered to be the most valuable sense for humans. Technologies and innovations are rapidly evolving for the correction of each sense in case of any disability or weakness. Such hearing aids are used by people who hear less, likewise people with low vision or eyesight use spectacles for correcting their vision. With the passage of time and fast-evolving advancements and research, people with vision issues are switching more and more toward contact lenses.

The most convenient and popular method approached by people for vision correctness is using contact lenses. Vision health is much more important therefore needs to be monitored regularly. According to law, it was completely forbidden to purchase or sell contact lenses without a medical prescription. One should immediately seek medical advice in case of any eye pain, double vision, draining or redness in the eyes, feeling flashes of light, or circles around lights. A medical expert can assist you in maintaining your vision health with no further loss.

Types of Coloured Lenses

Apart from vision health, coloured contact lenses are now considered to be a daily life beauty costume. In the U.S, approximately 45 million people wear contact lenses, some for medical issues but the majority use them just for changing the appearance of their eyes. The manufacturers categorize coloured contact lenses as theatrical, Halloween, cosmetic, decorative, or simply costume lenses. Professionally, there are three main types of coloured contact lenses.

· Transparent or tinted – These lenses are generally uniform coloured that can change the color of the iris.

· Computer-generated opaque lenses – These lenses mimic one’s natural eye color by featuring different patterns, pupil sizes, and colors on the surface of contact lenses. These are available in either single color or a blend of colors.

·  Hand-painted custom lenses – These lenses are comparatively more expensive than others since they can cover any type of injury as well as closely match one’s natural eye color.

Contact Lenses & Halloween Celebration

Apart from beauty, there are several other domains where the use of coloured contact lenses is most likely to be a must choice such as in theatrical activities, movies, Halloween, and many other festivals such as carnivals, weddings, etc. Now, people are so obsessed with the beauty that comes with the use of coloured contact lenses that they have declared it their everyday costume. There are several eye-catching coloured contact lenses that you must opt from. The trending colors that are available are pure and Caribbean blue, pony gray, topaz, aqua and sky blue, green diva, diva aquamarine, etc. For the last two to three years the other top sold colors that are used by horror movie artists or at Halloween are full eye black sclera, white-out, mini red-eye sclera, devil, glass white, and twilight breaking down, etc.

Many consumers and lovers of beauty contact lenses such as film artists, and festival participants used to fear using it for continuous 8 or more hours but now the manufacturers assure you comfort with the soft texture lenses that are gentle to the eyes. The contact lenses are accompanied by a complete lens kit that includes a lens’ case and solution, a lens tweezer and suction kit, etc.

The Bottom Line,

It is true that the moment when one tries the coloured contacts, they immediately start wondering why they didn’t use them sooner. The color of your eyes could completely change your personality and enhance your looks. Since they are so gentle to the eyes and can be worn easily for hours but requires special care too such as removing them instantly if irritation occurs, staying away from aerosol or direct heat, and not sleeping while wearing lenses. So, go and grab an eye-catching coloured lens now and watch everyone drop jaws for you with a WOW!!

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