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What are some of the best haircuts for long hair with bangs?


Long hair with bangs hair style is a great way to complete any fashionable style. The look is low-maintenance and chic, with just the right adaptability. You can go for short or long bangs haircut and style them layered, choppy, or to the side. 

Long hairstyles with bangs look great on straight, curly, thin, thick, or wavy hair. Finally, the best fringe bangs for long hair will complement your face shape precisely, allowing you to achieve that wonderful, sensual look we see on our favorite Bollywood stars.

With so many contemporary bangs, hairstyles, and haircuts for long hair, it might be challenging to find the most popular cuts and styles to try right now. 

Let’s look at the best ways to style long hair with bangs haircut, from side bangs to choppy layered fringes. With these trendy examples of long hairstyles and bangs, you can highlight your traits while covering others!

Long hair with side bangs

Side bangs

By switching to long hair with a side bangs hairstyle, you can create the illusion of a beautiful cheekbone and jawline combination. A round face is narrowed by longer hair. 

Side bangs draw attention to the jawline. The hairstyle provides the wearer with various versatile quick fixes, such as increased hair density and concealment of a wider forehead. This is a trendy look for women who want to show off their cheekbones.

Long layered hair with bangs haircuts

Layered hair with bangs

Long, layered hair directs attention to the jawline, collarbone, and shoulders. When you add some stunning bangs haircut to the mix, your eyes become the focal point. The nice part is that layered haircuts and hairstyles will never go out of vogue. 

You can also experiment with side bangs or have your hairdresser trim the fringe jagged for an edgier touch. Add bangs and layers to your new haircut, and you’ll be in love.

Long Hair with Short Bangs

Short bangs

Long hair frames the face and contrasts with short bangs. We sometimes embrace our brows and even flaunt them a little. Short bangs with long hair might draw attention to your eyes and brows. Short bangs appear appealing when paired with thick long hair and brows. 

The hairstyle even makes the brow appear smaller by concealing part of it. Keep things simple and cute. Bringing back vintage trends is always fashionable and one-of-a-kind.

Long curls with baby bangs

Baby bangs

Get some baby bangs to highlight the prominent brow and draw focus to the eyes. Thick curly locks with bangs are a timeless and attractive style. They are appropriate for a daily golden trend that never goes out of style. You need dense hair to obtain baby bangs. They perfectly outline the face and eliminate a lot of weight from the long hair. A trendy appearance like this will make you look flawless, so go for it!

Long hair with thin bangs

Thin bangs

Fine hair complements thin bangs. This look perfectly complements long hair and combines with your entire appearance. Yes, thin bangs can be worn with fine, long hair and look amazing. This haircut merely requires a little more frequent trimming. Once you’re done, your new hair will look amazingly beautiful with minimal effort.

Layered curls with bangs

Curly bangs

Layered curls with bangs give hair volume and movement while creating a weightless shape. If you don’t have well-defined curls and want to create the illusion of volume without the bulkiness, this is the bangs haircut for you. Layered curls with bangs look excellent on medium to long-length hair.

Long brown locks with bangs

Wispy bangs

Long brown hair that is softer and more delicate appears feminine and gentle. This hairstyle adds a beautiful touch to your look when paired with bangs. Bangs seem professional and youthful when worn with long brown hair. You can even apply highlights for more styling and contrast, undoubtedly boosting this stunning look.

Black hair with bangs

Straight bangs

Get some long black hair for a more edgy look. A darker style lends a sense of intrigue. Make this eye-catching look even more eye-catching with red lipstick and heavy eyeliner. Shiny, black hair is a perennial choice for fashionable looks, so get ready to look stunning.

Long hair with parted bangs 

Parted bangs

Partially parted bangs look great with a symmetrical face or makeup. This style maintains the form of the face without concealing anything. Long hair with separated bangs can be worn in various ways, depending on your face shape and preferences. Wear your bangs neatly cut and separated, or go for a more unkempt style. Keep your hairstyle as unique as you are!

Long curly hair with fringe

Curly fringe

If you want to look like the girl next door, go for the long hair with fringes style. The front features a touch of long curls that will frame your cheekbones and allow you to experiment with your curls. A haircut every three months will keep the hair appearing fresh and sculpted.


You can argue all you want, but long hair with bangs haircut is never dull; it is as versatile as possible. Curly hair with bangs, on the other hand, has a mind of its own, so if you believe you can tame them like your straight or wavy counterparts, you’re mistaken. 

The truth is that they will not constantly have the same appearance. You don’t have to worry about terrible hair days if you get the proper haircut. In truth, there’s a lot more you can do with your locks if you’re willing to try.

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