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Various Features to Look Out for When Installing a Digital Door Lock

Technology is developing rapidly every passing day. Hence, it is also natural that the technology behind door locks will also improve. With businesses and homeowners looking to improve their security, they implement their buildings with digital door locks. These types of door locks have various advantages and conveniences.

Features that make a digital door lock great

Door locks are an important part of any building. It helps you protect yourself and your loved ones from the threat of intruders breaking in. Moreover, it helps you protect your assets from thefts. When it is about business, documents and confidential discussions should also be protected. So, with the addition of modern technology, digital door locks provide you the same security with increased convenience. However, it is important to understand what are the features that make a door lock great. This article highlights those features; so, pay close attention to it!

Check the Battery Life

The majority of digital door locks use numerous AA alkaline batteries or a rechargeable lithium-ion cell to work. When the battery in your smart lock runs out, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. Moreover, the housing located on the inside of your door will frequently feature an LED that flashes red. What is the average lifespan of these batteries? It all relies on the lock and its capabilities. Many firms measure battery life in “cycles,” or the total number of physical locks and unlocks, and battery life can range from three months to a year, depending on the type of lock and the duties it performs.

Providing alternate entry options

Although Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are excellent, they are occasionally unstable. Even technology firms that make digital door locks are aware of the possible issue. As a result, they’ve devised new methods for locking and unlocking smart locks. In addition to wireless unlocking, an increasing number of practical smart locks now include physical or electronic entry alternatives, such as PIN codes (often with an add-on keypad that is also Bluetooth-connected) and/or a physical key. If you don’t have your smartphone with you, a limited number of smart lock manufacturers provide a key fob that can wirelessly open a door.

Check the Weatherproof Ratings

Digital door locks are complex pieces of equipment that contain not just typical metal pins, tumblers, gears, and other lock mechanisms, but also sensitive electronics. To perform successfully, they must be able to resist extremes in weather conditions. Complete replacement smart locks will state what temperatures they can endure and will frequently have an IP water/dust-proof certification. However, not all smart locks are created equal: not all can resist extreme weather for an extended length of time. Only buy from a reputed lock manufacturer with a lengthy and established track record of testing for such circumstances if you want to guarantee that your smart lock is up to the task no matter what the weather throws at it.

It gets relocked

This is one of the great features that is really popular. Sometimes it happens that we forget to lock the door. Well, you do not have to worry about it. This digital door locks automatically gets locks once get shut. So, no need to be worried about it.


Thus, these are the various features that you should keep in mind when buying a digital lock for your doors. So, get your hands on such a lock and experience security with ease and comfort. You will experience a number of conveniences with the implementation of these locks in your house, factory, or workplace.

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