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Property Refurbishments Watford Can Make New Your Home Look

What is refurbishment?

Refurbishment means restoring, re-polish or returning something to good condition. When it comes to property, refurbishment implies making your property usable/beautiful again. It may include repairs, replacements, installation, and decoration. Updating or renewing the interior or exterior of a property, installing a new bathroom or kitchen.

And landscaping your garden are all examples of refurbishment projects. Whether you live in London or Watford, they generally cost lower than full-scale renovations and take less time. Make sure that you research well before hiring a company for providing Property Refurbishments Watford.

Is refurbishment worth it?

Refurbishing your home may be a necessity at times and completely unavoidable. It can also be exciting because when done properly it will breathe a new life into your home. It should however be noted that full-scale refurbishment is a tough task which requires time, patience, money, and above all a highly skilled refurbishment specialist. Let us look at some of the benefits that refurbishment has.

Quick improvement

Whether you want to sell your home or you want to give it a facelift, refurbishment is the quickest way to achieve that, especially when compared to full-scale renovation. Refurbishment can increase the real estate value of your home and fetch you a good price.

If you are a landlord, refurbishment can permit you to charge good rentals. If you plan to keep on living in the same home, refurbishment can transform your old home into a new one in much less time than renovation.


Relocating to a new home or a major renovation can both be expensive. With refurbishments, you have better control over cost. Renovations can be full of surprises and one thing can lead to another, adding up to your cost as well as time.

You can choose between a major refurbishment or limit it to a particular level depending on your budget. The cost of refurbishment may be different for different areas. Property extensions Mill Hill or refurbishment will not cost the same in a city like London.

Regulatory Requirements

Another benefit of property refurbishments is that in most cases you do not require planning permission. This implies that you will be saving a lot of time which is usually required in the case of renovations or extensions. You will however have to comply with building regulations if your refurbishment includes gas or electrical work.

Lower maintenance cost

Old properties have a higher upkeep than newer ones. That’s because you have to frequently face one issue or another because of deterioration. By carrying out refurbishment, you will be renewing your entire home. This will minimize the requirement for regular repairs and lower your maintenance cost.

Fresh start

You can have several technical reasons for carrying out a full-scale refurbishment but at times you may just need it for a fresh start. Refurbishment can provide you with a chance to redecorate your home and give it an entirely new look. You can get rid of all the old interior designs which you probably find boring and replace them with the latest fashion trends when it comes to interior designing.

Property Refurbishments Watford
Property Refurbishments Watford

Special Properties

If you have a period property and you have not carried out any refurbishment or renovation in many years, perhaps it is time to revive the charm of your victorian era home. Refurbishing period properties can give them a new look and make your property look novel and attractive.

Choose the right people

Whether you intend to carry out Property refurbishments Watford or a major renovation, you must hire the right people for the job. 

Qualified Professionals

An ideal company would have an in-house team of professionals such as structural engineers, architects, interior designers, plumbers, electricians, etc. All these professionals should be licensed and possess the necessary qualifications for providing these services.


Whether it is a construction company that provides property extensions Mill Hill or renovation in Watford, the company should be well aware of all requirements such as planning permission and building regulations so you don’t end up getting into legal trouble.

Companies with substantial practical experience are usually more aware of all these requirements and regulations. We recommend hiring builders who have an experience of at least 5 to 10 years or more.


Read customer reviews if the company has an online presence and ask around to learn about their reputation. The cost of refurbishment should also be considered. The cost is usually lower than full-scale renovation or relocation. However, it would be wise to take quotes from more than one company to carry out a comparative analysis.

Final Word

Property refurbishment has many benefits including cost-effectiveness and reasonable completion time. A full-scale refurbishment will improve not just the appearance of your home but also its perceived value. Make sure that do your homework before hiring a construction company or builders to refurbish your home.



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