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Understanding The Features And Advantages Of Remote Patient Monitoring

A growing number of physicians see the value of remote patient monitoring services due to enhanced efficiency in extending healthcare to chronic disease patients. As a result, the adoption of patient monitoring services and devices such as Blood Pressure Monitor, Glucometer, and Pulse Oximeter has sky-rocketed. However, the use of connected electronic remote patient monitoring devices to provide better healthcare is not something that popped with the pandemic.

Remote patient monitoring has been around for years, eliciting efficient healthcare for patients with chronic disorders. In addition, the regulatory changes ratified by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services have favored remote patient monitoring making it an important part of care delivery.

What is the reason behind the surpassed popularity of remote patient monitoring services? Well, to understand the features and advantages, read on.

Advantages of Patient Care Monitoring

According to a 2019 study on the title ‘Connected Health and Remote Patient Monitoring: p0Consumer and Industry Use,’ healthcare providers identified the following as primary benefits:

  • Enhanced patient outcomes
  • Improved rate of compliance
  • Patients taking ownership of health

In addition to advantages like these, plenty of other factors contribute to the ever-growing adoption of remote patient monitoring services. Medical practitioners across the globe are delighted to understand that this virtual service is a safe and effective means to deliver healthcare to the most vulnerable patients.  

Also, the association of American Medical Colleges has predicted a shortage of primary practitioners in the upcoming years. As the increase in population will be inevitable, Remote Patient Monitoring Companies seems to provide a smart solution NOT to let the quality of care dip and reach more patients.

Helps Data-Driven Decision Making

Remote patient monitoring allows the providers to improve the clinical insights on patients’ status. Clinicians can analyze patients’ conditions between office hours and provide the right tool for proactive delivery of care. With remote patient monitoring devices, physicians can see how patients’ symptoms evolve, allowing clinicians to change the patient’s care plan as per the need. Remote patient monitoring highlights the nuances and changes that happen every moment with the patient allowing the clinician to intervene at the right time.

Help Patients Take Ownership of Their Health


The remote patient monitoring devices cater to the need of various patient populations, including patients with single or multiple chronic conditions, COVID-19 infection, post-surgical recovery, malignant neoplasms, and more. Remote patient monitoring software help clinicians to create condition-specific, easy-to-use tools to manage the symptoms and enhance the quality of life.

Increase Net Patient Revenue

The cost of providing healthcare through a virtual platform costs less than the amount associated with brick and mortar services. In addition, due to enhanced workflow efficiency and improved staff productivity backed by reduced administrative costs, the net patient revenue can increase when the organization uses the potential of RPM. Also, remote patient monitoring software opens the gate of opportunity for reimbursement and competitive advantage.

Access to More Patients

Restricted access to healthcare services has become a barrier to the US population, including rural and urban areas. Several reasons contribute to the lack of healthcare access, including transportation issues, geographic isolation, and shortage of practitioners. Remote patient monitoring helps fill these gaps to access.

Remote patient monitoring software allows clinicians to reach patients living in far-flung areas via an interconnected platform and allied Remote patient monitoring devices. As a result, clinicians can simultaneously monitor several patients outside the care delivery setting.

Organized Workflow

Maintaining a seamless connection between clinician and patient within the hospital setting always seemed a bit disoriented. However, the adoption of remote patient monitoring companies has helped the clinicians better manage their time with the patients and provide un-divided attention amongst the busy schedule. 

Earlier, when the patient couldn’t attend an appointment, they would have to wait for quite some before it gets rescheduled. However, remote patient monitoring software allows easy rescheduling and reduces wait time. It opens the gate to reduced emergencies in terms of chronic diseases. This interconnects the journey patient and clinician in a scheduled manner, allowing connecting with the patient more frequently.


Remote patient monitoring companies greatly help both healthcare professionals and patients. However, the service can be put to full use only if its real potential reaches the provider and the patient. In the wake of the pandemic, new methods of using RPM s being tested, which is bound to revolutionize the industry.

About Humhealth

Humhealth is one of the remote patient monitoring companies on the leader board providing healthcare products supporting RPM, CCM, AWV, BHI, and PCM. The remote patient monitoring devices from Humhealth helps clinicians stay on track with patients’ conditions and take proactive measures. With our on-par technology, Humhealth, one of the reliable remote patient monitoring companies providing RPM devices and Remote patient monitoring software, helps you achieve the needed results. We extend our service to solo and group practice clinicians, hospitals, and health centers.

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