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Top Questions Worth Asking When Shopping Around For Authentic Air Filters

The importance of air filtration cannot be underestimated. Poor quality air makes your home uncomfortable. Plus, it can cause a myriad of breathing problems and skin-related conditions. Don’t allow poor-quality air to interfere with the comfort of your home. Change that furnace filter. Bring in a new one. Install an efficient filter. Get the 16x25x4 air filter from reputable companies. Here are the top questions to ask before purchasing your next air filter.

How Do I Know The Right Air filter?

Shop around for high-quality filters. Make sure that you purchase a filter with the highest MERV rating. This will help you get the best air quality and lead a healthier life. Modern HVAC systems are designed to have MERV ratings that range from 8 to 16. MERV 11 filters are particularly ideal for allergy sufferers.

What’s The Function Of Air Filters?

The primary function of air filters is to safeguard your HVAC system against damage. They prevent the entry of dirt and dust into your air conditioning unit. A buildup of these substances can reduce the efficiency of your system, hence resulting in higher energy costs. Plus, it can shorten the lifespan of your system.

If you want to cut down your costs, consider investing in top-quality air filters. They’ll offer optimal efficiency, protect your health, and minimize your energy costs.

How Long Should An Air Filter Be Used?

This will solely depend on the type of air filters you’ve installed in your home. Environmental conditions like smoke and dust might also have a negative impact. But generally speaking, flat air filters should be changed every 30 days whereas pleated air filters should be replaced every 2 or 3 months.

Changing your air filters regularly is extremely important for your health. Plus, you should also keep your home clean. If you notice any form of dirt buildup, don’t hesitate to replace your filters.

What’s The Cost Of An Air Filter?

Air filters are often priced according to size. Flat green fiberglass filters are some of the cheapest options available on the market. However, they don’t feature any MERV rating and can’t, therefore, protect your home’s air quality.

If you intend to purchase pleated filters, consider buying them in bulk. You can find them for as low as $4.50. Whole house filters, on the other hand, can range from 425 to $100 depending on the manufacturer.

All you need to do is to carefully evaluate your needs and then shop around for an ideal air filter. Bear in mind that different manufacturers offer different qualities and prices. So, take your time to conduct your due diligence before making a purchase.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t breathe poor quality air. Besides interfering with the comfort of your home, poor quality air can affect your health. Think about breathing problems. Don’t forget about skin irritation—breathe quality air. Replace old filters with new ones. Ask the above questions before selecting your next furnace air filter.



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