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Tips To Choosing Right Candle For Gifting Purpose

Choosing the right candle for gifting purposes is a little bit tricky. If you know the recipient, then you may be able to make some choices. But the selection process becomes more difficult when you do not know the recipient. Well, you don’t need to worry. The best thing is that the candles can make a perfect gift. No matter what is an occasion and who is the recipient, candles form the perfect gift. You should consider the following factors when choosing the candle as a gift for someone special. The following factors will help you to make the right selection.

How To Choose The Right Candle For A Gift?

Size Of Candle

You should think about the home size of the gift recipient. If he/she is a student and has a small room, then the small size candle would be sufficient. On the other hand, if the person whom you are giving this gift has a large and spacious house, then you should gift a large size candle. Also, you can give a set of mini candle collections to that person. 

Container Candles

You have to choose between a free-standing candle or a container-based candle. The loose candles create a mess when they are burned, especially when they are not created by professionals. On the other hand, then container-based candles are a good choice because they are poured inside the glass or other vessel. It means that melted wax would not create a mess while burning. Moreover, the candles with containers are safe because they do not come in contact with anything else. It is really useful when a person owns a pet. 


The next important thing to consider is the wick. You have to choose between cotton and a wooden wick. You should learn the difference between the two and find the best type of candlewick for you. When you know the pros and cons associated with the wick of the candle, then you can easily choose the right one for your candle. 

Scented Candles

We recommend you choose fragrant candles because they are perfect as official or personal gifts. If you know the recipient, then you should think about the deodorants or perfumes he/she uses. Also, think that whether you have seen any kind of scented candles at the place of the gift recipient before? Do you remember what kind of scents you have observed at the place of that person? When you will get the answer to all these questions, then it would become easy for you to choose the perfect scented candles. 

Choose Good-Quality Candle

After selecting the right aroma candle, the next factor to look for is the quality of the candle. You should decide what kind of candle is appropriate for gifting purposes. You should choose candles with alluring fragrances and they should be eco-friendly. Never go for a cheap option that may be good for your wallet, but not good for your lungs. When it comes to choosing the candle for gifting purposes, you should choose the top-quality scented candle box. There are only a few types of candles which are eco-friendly, create amazing fragrances and burn for long.    

Minimalistic Or Richly Decorated Home

The next important thing that you need to consider is the home décor of the gift recipient. You should find out whether the décor is minimal or full of patterns. People who like simplicity mostly prefer black and white décor which is mostly dominated by the plain geometric patterns. In this case, you should pick the candles that match the simple and alluring décor of the home. You can pick the modern variation of the classic style candle for gifting purposes. On the other hand, if the home décor of the person is rich with various patterns and designs, then you should choose the candle that matches this décor. You can gift the decorative soy candle to that person. 

Consider Health Condition Of Gift Recipient 

It is imperative to know about the health condition of the gift recipient. Some people are allergic to some kind of fragrant candle. Also, allergic people and migraine sufferers may not find the scented candles a perfect gift. If you know that the gift recipient is suffering from any kind of bad health condition which can go worse with the scented candle, then gift them scent-free candles. Moreover, people who are suffering from major headaches also feel overwhelmed with scented candles and you should avoid gifting these candles. 

Recall Scent Related Memories

If you have any fragrance related memory with the person together, then you should gift scented candles associated with that particular scent. You may not be able to immediately recall that scent. But if you dig deeper and try to find out these memories, then you would be able to find that memory.

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