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Tips For Topping Marijuana Plants

Sometimes it can be challenging to distinguish between pruning and topping. Cutting off the main stem of a marijuana plant is known as the topping. It will be encouraged to become bushier as a result, which will enable it to produce more and be healthier. When marijuana plants are pruned, dead or branches that don’t get enough light are removed. The cannabis plant can then focus its efforts on developing buds somewhere else.

It is challenging to make a distinction because farmers occasionally engage in both. Here are some points where they diverge.

What Does Topping Marijuana Accomplish?

Although it might seem strange to cut off and discard a chunk of your cannabis plants, topping can be essential for maintaining the health of your plants and assuring high-quality outputs. If given the chance, a marijuana plant can grow vertically. It will focus all of its efforts on one primary stalk. One large cola at the top and several smaller ones on the main stem are what you’ll finish up with. These other colas won’t be as well-liked because they’ll be little, huge, and of poor quality. The output and size of the plant will be modest.

When Should Marijuana Plants Be Topped?

To help disperse hormones from the main stump to the side branches, topping occurs during the vegetative stages. By removing the main stalk, it is possible to force the plant’s side limbs to grow up rather than upwards by diverting its energy there. The plants that are topped become bushier.

Before attempting the initial top, wait until six to seven additional nodes have formed. Normally, this is carried out at the fifth or sixth node. You must hold off on topping the plant until it has developed sufficiently to bear the shock.

It is always so confusing when to top weed plant therefore sometimes you can take advice from online experts. A weed-producing plant with more than seven nodes will have expended all of its energy if you wait too long to chop it down. This can indicate that the plant is putting too much emphasis on upward growth, in which case you should just let it go.

How A Marijuana Bloom Illuminated?

More light can reach all branches in a bushy form. The main cola will receive enough light if there is only one vertical stalk. However, it will cast a shadow on the lower branches, producing big, shady buds. Buds of the superior grade will arise from bushy growth since they will produce more buds.

Over time, these side branches may top out. This will increase the size of your plant’s bush and its number of side branches. As a result, your yields will increase since more bud sites can be generated on the branches. Throughout its lifetime, a plant is typically topped between three and five times.

How To Prune Your Cannabis Plants?

Cannabis that is robust, matured, and able to tolerate any kind of change is best for capping. The top five nodes must be eliminated before topping the initial stalk. The plant will have enough side branches to adequately bud out as a result of this.

Remove each side branch from the second or third node to simplify the next toppings. This will enable your marijuana plant to develop into the bush. These garnishes will be more individualized. Everything depends on the plant’s desire to bush out and the size you want the finished product to be.

Marijuana Plant Tops:

  • Grab Your Cleaning Supplies: A razor blade or a set of pruning scissors is required. You want to make one clean cut more when your scissors are superior. You should sanitize your tool with rubbing alcohol to avoid any infection. Although it’s not usual, doing this is advised.
  • Choose The Location Of Your Cut: On the main stem, find the fifth branch. Overcut it.
  • Continue To Watch And Wait: For plants, topping can be quite stressful. Give it some time to recover and make sure it receives plenty of light and water. Before topping it once more, the plant needs to rest for a few weeks.


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