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 The Real Power of Personalized Videos: Benefits of Video Marketing

There’s something about being the center of attention, right? Remember, how you felt when you were showered with love and gifts on your birthday. A card with your name and a sweet message is enough to make you feel special. Trust the marketers to do the same for you. In the world of intense competition among businesses to lure customers, a personalized message to an individual customer helps build trust and loyal brand relationships. And personalized videos take it a few notches higher!

What is a personalized video?

A personalized video is a video created for an individual viewer. It isn’t limited to adding one’s name as the title at the beginning or addressing the viewer by their name, it is much more. It is speaking directly to the viewer as if it is a one-to-one message custom-made for them. And personalized videos are not just for customer engagement, they can be applied to employees, clients, and professionals in general.  

Let’s understand it better with Facebook. You might have noticed Facebook doing animated videos for you to celebrate your ‘friendiversary’ or ‘Facebook anniversary’. These videos pull out the best images from your profile and collate them to create an engaging video. And these are done for its billions of users on a daily basis. These dynamic videos are personalized for each user and it is a good way of building brand loyalty.

What are the benefits of personalized videos in video marketing?

Firstly, let’s see what elements you can add to the simplest of personalized videos. The name of the customer, their professional designation, their profile image, and the company or logo have a great impact on the viewer and make them feel special. With personalized videos, you can reach thousands of customers with a message that is perceived by them as unique and personal.    

  1. Customer engagement

Creating personalized videos for consumers is easy thanks to AI-powered video generation platforms. But, for a consumer, it is a great deal. Customizing a video makes them feel special and demonstrates you’re making an effort, just for them. Personalized videos can be used for a variety of things such as telling customers about product features & benefits, event invites, new product launches, product usage tutorials, making them understand how to use the website or mobile app, suggesting products, or for as simple as wishing them on special occasions. Personalized videos increase customer satisfaction and keep them engaged with the brand.   

  1. Sales marketing

Around 49% of the marketers rate visual marketing as an important marketing strategy and an equal number use videos on blogs, websites, and on social channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Even consumers are not far behind when it comes to a liking for video content. About 54% of the consumers want to see more visual content from brands they support.

With personalized video content, you can navigate each stage of the sales funnel in customer conversion. In the beginning, you create customized videos for prospective customers introducing your products to them to increase brand awareness and make them interested. Next, you attract customers to your brand by telling them about the problem you’re trying to solve. Personalized videos about product benefits and pricing can sway prospects to make a decision. Finally, you nurture video marketing campaigns in the action stage of the sales funnel to make sure that your brand stays on top of their mind when they are considering buying a similar product. Even after you’ve successfully converted a lead into a sale, you try on to retain the customer and make them loyal to your brand by creating special videos that suit their interest level. So personalized videos help you to target customers along each stage of the sales funnel and beyond.         

  1. Personalized targeted ads

With hundreds of ads forced on viewers every day, it is time to break the clutter with personalized videos. The emotive power of videos combined with granular targeting is getting popular with marketers as they provide better conversions. With it, details specific to the audience get inserted into the video making it more engaging. In fact, as per a survey, 81% of the consumers want brands to understand their needs and get to know when to approach them and with what products. And 75% of the consumers would buy from a brand that recognizes them by name, knows the purchase history, and recommends them products based on their interests.

With video personalization, you input viewer-specific details such as their names, locations, or past interactions with the brand. And such videos stand out from hundreds of general video ads increasing engagement and interest among consumers. The real estate and e-commerce sector benefits greatly through personalized videos.   

  1. Sales campaign

Personalized videos truly shine when it comes to marketing campaigns. Whether it is the targeted ads or simple emails, you know you have scored some brownie points when you include videos in the content. Adding videos to e-mail marketing campaigns can boost click-through rates by 200-300%. Similarly, including the word “video” in the subject line of your email boosts the CTR by 65%. When people receive more than 100 emails a day, including personalized videos in the customer emails will reduce the “Unsubscribe” and have a big impact on your leads and conversions.

How does video personalization work?

Video personalization is creating individual experiences for viewers. Businesses have to rely on user data got from previous behavior, interests, and demographic information to make the videos impactful. With synthetic video generation platforms, it is easy to create personalized videos in bulk. They have all the automation and AI tools necessary to make synthetic video generation easy and fast. All you have to do is upload contacts via your CRM to the platform and personalize videos for each individual using the merge tabs. You then import the videos back to your CRM and distribute them in your marketing campaigns be it on social media, emails, or something more.

Final thoughts

It is the obvious choice to use video personalization wherever it is possible. But the fact is that businesses are yet to harness the power of video generation platforms to create personalized videos. Our suggestion to you would be to try and include videos for at least one marketing campaign and see firsthand how the technology works and if it is beneficial to you. Save the headache of spending time, money, and resources on creating and editing videos. Opt for DeepWord instead.      

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