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Take Out The Mats And Vacuum The Car

Carefully remove the mats and empty the sand and gravel in a suitable place. You can wash the doormats right now so that they can dry while you continue working. Put on degreasing, let it work a little, rub with a brush or sponge, and rinse off. Repeat it again if it was not good enough the first time. If your mats are worn out, they should be replaced.

It’s nice to have a vacuum cleaner that is good and gets all the gravel. It makes the job easier for you, but if you have a vacuum cleaner that is connected to the 12v socket – it also works fine.

Start by vacuuming storage space in the dashboard, doors and center console. Vacuum the seats thoroughly so that dust, dirt, gravel and food debris are gone, and finally vacuum the carpet in the car free of gravel and sand. The closer you are, the better it gets, but it can take some time and it is up to you to decide when it is enough.

Move the front seats back and forth when vacuuming, and remember that in some cases some rear seats can be lifted up and the seat backrest folded down. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can take a look at the instruction manual for your car. Also remember to vacuum your luggage compartment.

Wash the car’s inside

What is the correct order of interior washing depends a bit on what you prefer. Feel free to start with the large surfaces of the dashboard towards the windscreen and work your way down. Use a damp cloth to wash with and another to dry with. Be careful when washing over knobs, switches, and instruments – a damp cloth holds plenty. Remember that the steering wheel can usually be moved up and down, and some in and out – move it now to get properly with the cloth.

Then wash the door covers and door sills at the front and rear, and the posts between the front and rear seats. The seats can also be Bilvask with a damp cloth. Difficult stains can be removed with suitable means.

When you are going to clean the windows, it is a bit like washing the windows at home, and it takes a bit of work to get them good. There are also several means for window cleaning, which facilitates the job of loosening the dirt from the windows. The downside is that some of these may require some work to get it dried off properly.

Feel free to use two cloths (for example microfiber cloth), spray on one cloth, wash the pane until it is clean, and immediately wipe it with the other cloth. Wipe until the pane is clean and free of medium.

The windshield is quite large and can be difficult to get to everywhere. Divide the route into two zones and take one field at a time – it makes the job a lot easier. Then take the side windows. Feel free to wash the outside also when you are running. The windscreen is also exposed to a number of external influences and you will find many scratches when you wash the window inside – you should get someone to look at it. Remember that rubble, ice scraping, wipers, dirt and grime cause wear and tear.

Put everything back in place

If the mats are dry, especially on the underside, you can put them back where they should be now. Install equipment that you removed before you started. Now you are done with the interior sink.

You can also put away the laundry job

Do you think this sounds very complicated or do you simply do not want to take such a wash – then it is perfectly fine to use professionals to take the interior wash of the car. The most important thing is that it is done so that you get a clean car inside.

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