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Sneakers – Comfortable shoes for women

Who doesn’t want to own a perfect pair of comfortable and good looking shoes? A woman feels good only when her feet feel comfortable. Wearing uncomfortable footwear can cause serious health issues. Some people own many pairs of shoes but wear only a few because the others do not offer comfort to their feet. Sneakers are comfortable shoes which people prefer to wear often. Shoe stores sell comfortable sneakers for women and men in various colours and styles. Sneakers are also known as tennis shoes, gym shoes, athletic shoes, sports shoes or joggers. They are rubber bottomed shoes that make minimal noise on hard surfaces.

Types of sneakers

Low top sneakers

Low top sneakers are ankle-high and do not cover the ankles. They are slim and moderately heavy and are ideal shoes for summer. They can be worn with all clothes and are primarily used by runners and joggers.

High top sneakers

High top sneakers conceal the ankle, and generally, they are heavier and coarse. They are suitable for winters and offer a sporty and relaxed look. Basketball players commonly wear high top sneakers.

Mid-top sneakers

Mid-top sneakers are of a height between low top and high top. They hide the ankles but do not go higher than them. They are comfortable, affordable and easy to clean.

What makes a shoe comfortable

Flat base: Shoes with a flat base offer more comfort than those with raised heels. They distribute the weight evenly on the feet when people walk.

Firm sole: Shoes with firm soles offer good stability, and more robust shoe soles make the shoes more stable. A firm sole is good padding between the feet and the ground.

Foam insole: The insoles provide a padded surface for the feet to walk on throughout the day. Insoles with memory foam take the shape of the feet and offer maximum comfort.

Padded lining: Shoes should have a lining on the top, sides and around the ankle. The lining must ensure that the feet don’t slide and rub without reducing flexibility. Extra padding provides comfort and prevents blisters.

Enough room: Feet are comfortable only when people wear shoes of the correct size. Enough room in the footwear helps people wiggle their toes while wearing them. Wide feet in narrow shoes can only cause pain.

Stylish and trendy shoes may look pretty, but it leads to foot pain when they do not offer comfort. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause joint pain, back pain, blisters, nail problems and collapsed arches. Uncomfortable shoes can ruin a person’s day. Comfortable shoes are available in various colours and designs to suit people’s preferences.

Sneakers are worn by people who run, jog and exercise but not all sneakers are sports shoes. Generally, sneakers are made of synthetic fabric or leather and have a rubber sole. They look good and offer comfort to the feet of physically active people. A sneaker has become an indispensable accessory for people of all ages.


Various colours and styles of sneakers for women and men are available, and people can choose a pair according to their requirements. The right pair of sneakers keep people’s feet comfortable even if they need to stand or walk throughout the day. Sneakers keep feet comfortable and have become one of the most popular shoes among men and women.

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