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Sephora Products That You Need To Buy Right Now

Sephora is the ultimate fan favorite of every girl out there. It has products that I often can’t even name but it is added in my cart faster than I browse through its pros and cons. That is how much importance Sephora Products holds in every girl’s heart.

However, it does not go well with my budget. Do not tell my bank account that because we are already in a fight about this amazing crimson shade li color I bought from here. Anyway, if you are here, you might have the same problem. Or you are probably tired of browsing through their wide variety of products as well because you can’t make up your mind on the purchase.

The top 5

Sephora is always releasing new products and one doesn’t always get the time to keep up with their section of beauty care. But do I have the news for you. After a thorough research on their interactive website, I have managed to bring the best products that you need to buy right now. It was had to gather just 5 but I think it will keep you entertained for a while.

Bonus point. You can use a Sephora coupon as well. Amazing, right? Stop grinning. Let us see what we can agree upon!

Bite Beauty’s Daycation Whipped Cream Blush

This perfect blend of the shimmer and matte is just what you need for your daily make up look. The great thing about this product is the brush that holds the glittery shine and the creamy texture of the blush. I also love the tiny packaging that it comes in. It is not only portable but also such a handy way for application.

Your cheeks will just glow with the luminous shades of this blush. It comes in four beautiful shades, peach, berry, bronze and pink. All these radiant shades will keep you vibrant amongst the crowd. Moreover, its formula has a papaya extract that will keep your skin glowing for all day long.

Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask

This is probably the most interesting item out of the list. If your lips are anything like mine, you would know the struggle of having chapped lips appear in every snap. It is just a letdown. The Chap Stick only helps so much. And winter season is just an everyday struggle. But this product will keep your lips hydrated all day long. And bought once will last you for more than 8 months.

All you need to do is apply it on every night and put yourself to a peaceful slumber. You will wake up with a satisfied and moisturized smile. It is appropriate for all skin types, oily, dry, combination and normal. However, be careful of wrinkles and dryness occurring as side effects. Try on your skin once to see the balance.

Verb’s Ghost Weightless Hair Oil

If you are looking for the best hair product to buy from this amazing shop, here is your queue to check out the Sephora website. This hair oil is called weightless for all the right reasons. You know when you put on oil and it leaves you off with an oily, greasy look? This will leave no residue behind and it will dry off quite fast too. After having dried off, your hair will appear glossy and shiny, soft in your fingers and with a radiant shine. It is appropriate for all hair types as well.

This amazing hair oil is scented with a light citrus smell that will leave you intoxicated for a while. I always love the light smells coming off from my hair shampoo. But this oil will just keep your hair scented before the shower too.

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow+ Tinted Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

This is for all the people who want promising eyebrows and wish to flash them off to their loved ones. Or to themselves. The look in the mirror you give yourself should be confident as well. This eyebrow gel has microfibers in its formula that will add on your existing eyebrow and make them appear the right amount of bushy.

Your eyebrows will be just the perfect blend between natural and fake. That is how amazing this eyebrow gel will leave you. Its easy application will allow you to tame your eyebrows just how you want. Take your eyebrow pencil or brush and style them any way you like. It will come out beautiful. And it is available in 10 different shades. Pick yours now!

Farmacy Deep Sweep 2% BHA Pore Cleaning Toner with Moringa + Papaya

If you are on the lookout for a product for your skin, then this might be of great help to you. This product is especially for the people with combination and oily skin. Yes, we know the struggles. This light-weight liquid will set your skin with just the right tone after use.

All you need is a cotton swab and a few drops of this toner will put away all the dead skin cells. Your face will be fresher and glowing then it was before its use. It is a great way to remove all the sin pores that have been bothering you for long. You should look out for an oily texture but with the right directions, I am sure it will not be an issue.

So, what do you think? Which product is being added to your cart? I know I have to rush back to the website to update my list.

Things to Do On Easter

When you think about Easter, your mind immediately rushes to the Easter eggs. Whoever invented that took his job seriously. But Easter is not just about the eggs nor is it just for kids. The kids will be on a hunt for me after this but hear me out. I have ideas that will keep everyone busy.

There are a multiple festivities that you can engage in if 4th of April is right at the corner. If you are an adult reading this, you are probably tired of children who are high on sugar rush. This one is for you. And if you are a kid reading this, you will be grinning after you heard about Easter eggs anyway. So this one is for you too. Here we go.

Design the Best Egg Hunt Possible

When you talk about Easter, there is no way you do not plan an egg hunt. The excitement of hide and seek combined with the adventure of scavenger hunts, turns the egg hunt into a rich fest.

Even if you are stuck inside the house for Easter, you can find a way to put eggs inside places one would never see, in glass ornaments, in the closet with the clothes or even in your car parked outside.

Make it exciting by designing clues that will lead you to the eggs. And keep one big chocolate egg as a surprise for the winner. That will keep the kids running for a while too.

Put Up a Festive Face

Easter is another holiday that the whole country loves to celebrate. But if you are not decorating then what are you doing?

What you need are a bunch of eggs, ornaments and a tree and voila you have yourself an Easter tree that you can light up at night. I probably sound crazy to you, right? Why would you set up a tree when it is not Christmas?

That is the beauty of festivals. You can design your traditions and keep them running in the family. You can even ask all your friends and family to gather ad spend the whole night before Easter to design your own eggs. Bring paint and markers to the party and let your creative side shine. Put up a festive face, you all!

Easter Sales

With a festival around the corner, the brands can go all the way to bring customers to their doors. You need to have a valid reason to not go on these whopping sales. The prices are often lowered down to 60%. And it is not just on clothes.

You can find anything from grocery items, household items, food in restaurants to make up and footwear. You will find a small to a large percent of sales on everything. There are even small gifts and coupons that are found with many sales. More reason to not miss out on these amazing sales/

It Is All About the Eggs

After all, it is about what you do with the eggs, right? Why not raise the party up a notch? You want some crazy ideas?

Grab eggs and see what you can make with eggs as the main ingredient. If you feel adventurous, make it a competition. You can even play games with eggs as your main hero. Do an egg race. Or play egg smash. Find artificial eggs or real eggs, the choice is yours before you start the game. Break the egg to see if it has anything inside. If there is, a water balloon is smashed on your head. You gotta do what the egg says.

Personalized Easter Baskets

Gifts are a way to show love and make your loved ones happy. And Easter baskets do just that. You do not have to fill these baskets with just eggs or chocolate. You can make it creative by sending out an Easter basket to your loved ones and make them personalized. See what gifts that person would love to have and fill the baskets up with those gifts.

Make a card and involve your kids on it too. Make the cards personal by writing a sentimental note on it. If you feel like you won’t have much time to design cards for all of your friends and family, you can but online too.

Go Out for an Easter Brunch

Going out has become a luxury in these days of quarantine. If you are lucky enough to have the liberty to go out, then it would be foolish to not enjoy a nice evening out under the stars. I will say get p, get dressed in the best of your clothes.

Those sales will definitely get you what you need if you are on a budget. Even if you don’t buy new clothes, you can still dress up, wear makeup, put on your festive face and enjoy a nice dinner. There is nothing more wholesome than a dinner with family and friends.

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