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Puglia and Matera tour

Puglia and Matera tour between nature, culture and tradition

8-day group tour of Puglia and Matera to discover the main attractions of the heel of Italy and the suggestive Sassi. We will depart from  Bari  where we will discover the secrets of the ancient area of ​​this splendid city. 

After that, we will therefore visit the symbols of Imperial Puglia in Trani and Castel del Monte . Later we will admire the magnificent seaside village of  Polignano a Mare , then we will proceed to  Matera , an all-Italian jewel and symbol of Lucania, among the famous Sassi and the incredible caves and rock churches. 

Furthermore, we will explore the Murgia and the Val d’Itria walking among the trulli of  Alberobello  and the suggestive villages of Martina Francaand Ostuni . Finally we will conclude our journey with Santa Maria di Leuca and the authentic baroque jewels in  Lecce .

From our Tour Puglia , a cultural journey in Puglia and Matera for those who want to discover the history of two extraordinary regions .

Main attractions of the Puglia and Matera 2022 Tour

  • Puglia and Matera tour 8 days
  • The magic of Bari Vecchia
  • The ancient imperial city of Trani
  • Castel del Monte, the masterpiece of Frederick II of Swabia
  • Polignano a Mare, the pearl of the Adriatic
  • The suggestive Sassi of Matera
  • The universe of the Lucanian Rock Churches
  • The suggestive village of Martina Franca
  • Discovering the suggestive trulli of Alberobello
  • Ostuni, the white pearl of Puglia
  • Otranto, the most beautiful village in Italy
  • Baroque treasures in the center of Lecce

Detailed Program – Puglia and Matera 2022 Tour

1st day: Arrival in Bari

Arrived at Bari airport, the Puglia and Matera tour will begin with the autonomous transfer to the hotel, where we will have dinner and overnight stay.

We can arrange the transfer from Bari airport to the hotel upon payment of a supplement.

2nd day: Bari – Trani – Castel del Monte – Bari

Among the alleys of Bari Vecchia

After breakfast at the hotel, our 8-day Puglia and Matera tour will depart to discover Bari. The Apulian capital is a city full of charm and divided between the elegant Murattiano district and the ancient village. Walking through these ancient streets is like walking the streets of an ancient Arab Qasba, full of hidden alleys protected by ancient walls and markets of all kinds. We will walk the streets of  Bari Vecchia  , breathing the daily and traditional life of the city. We will continue our guided tour of the ancient city observing the  Cathedral of San Sabino , but above all the famous  Basilica of San Nicola , the symbol of the city.

The imperial city of Trani

Then we will head to Trani for a guided tour of the city, with the enchanting  Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino  and the historic center . In fact, we will walk through the alleys of the ancient districts of Trani.

The secrets of Castel del Monte

Later we will leave for Castel del Monte for an interesting guided tour of this  imposing castle . Declared a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its uniqueness, Castel del Monte was built at the behest of the great emperor Frederick II of Swabia. Situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful Alta Murgia National Park, this building is famous for its curious octagonal shape which is completely different from the other Apulian castles. In fact, even today it is not clear what the real function of the castle was, but it is thought that it was used as an astronomical observatory or as a hunting lodge. Finally, we will return to the hotel in Bari for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 3: Bari – Polignano a Mare – Monopoli – Bari

The charming village of Polignano a Mare

Today, after breakfast, the Puglia and Matera 2022 Tour will go to the famous Polignano a Mare to visit this beautiful village on the Adriatic Sea and birthplace of the great Domenico Modugno. Perched directly on the sea, Polignano is also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Here we will visit its  historic center full of Arab, Byzantine, Spanish and Norman testimonies including the remains of the four defensive towers of the ancient village. At the end of the visits, we will settle in the farm where we will have dinner and overnight stay.

Monopoli and its alleys

Later we will head towards Monopoli, an enchanting village built on a small peninsula. We will immerse ourselves in the many alleys that will take us to the  old port  near the great  sixteenth- century castle . At the end of the day, we will return to Bari for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

4th Day: Bari – Matera – Martina Franca

Matera, city of the Sassi

After breakfast, with the Puglia and Matera 2022 Tour we will then reach the  Sassi di Matera . The symbolic city of Lucania has been named European Capital of Culture and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. Considered among the oldest cities in the world, its territory preserves incredible testimonies of ancient times, with rock settlements dating back from the Palaeolithic to the present day. We will visit the typically furnished Casa Grotta  , a great way to understand the habits and customs of the inhabitants of this extraordinary place! Afterwards, we will have some time available to immerse ourselves in the streets of the two oldest districts of the city.

The charm of Martina Franca

Then we will go to Martina Franca among the marvelous hills of the Murgia. Here we will be able to discover the splendid  historic center where the elegance of the palaces and churches in Baroque style stands out. Finally, we will have hotel accommodation for dinner and overnight stay.

5th Day: Martina Franca – Alberobello – Castellana Caves – Martina Franca

The trulli of Alberobello

Today, after breakfast we will proceed to Alberobello, the most famous locality in the Murgia which, with its 1500 trulli has been declared a World Heritage Site. We will visit the  Rione Monti , the oldest district of the city, and Ala Piccola . At the end of the morning, we will have lunch in a local farm with cheese maker and mozzarella show.

The Castellana Caves

Then we will continue with a short excursion to the Castellana Caves , an authentic natural jewel and best known speleological complex in Italy. This place of karst origin is made up of underground cavities which stretches for 3348 meters in length and reaches a depth of 122 meters from the surface. At the end of the visits, we will return to Martina Franca for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

6th day: Martina Franca – Ostuni – Lecce

The white city of Ostuni

After breakfast, the 8-day Puglia and Matera Tour will head to Ostuni, the white pearl of Puglia. Perched on three panoramic hills, the city is famous for its typical whitewashed houses that make this place unmistakable and unique of its kind. We will visit the  historic center  with the fifteenth  -century Gothic-Romanesque Cathedral .

Lecce, the capital of the Baroque

In the afternoon, we will continue to Lecce. The Salento capital is called the “Florence of the South” because of its extraordinary and elegant buildings in the Baroque style. Its most iconic monuments are all enclosed between the ancient access gates : Porta Rudiae, Porta San Biagio and Porta Napoli. Among the many masterpieces of the city, we can admire the  Basilica of Santa Croce , the spectacular  Piazza Duomo and Corso Vittorio Emanuele . Finally, we will have hotel accommodation for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7: Lecce – Otranto – Castro – Santa Maria di Leuca – Lecce

The picturesque village of Otranto and the Castro Caves

After breakfast, the 8-day Puglia and Matera tour will continue the discovery of Salento. First of all we will arrive in Otranto, the easternmost city of Italy. We will take a guided tour of the city declared a Unesco World Heritage Site and we will visit the Cathedral  with the famous mosaic of Pantaleone , as well as the  Chapel of the Holy Martyrs with the crypt. Later we will reach Castro to take part in a splendid boat excursion to explore the fascinating Sea Caves (excursion subject to favorable weather conditions).

Santa Maria di Leuca

After lunch we will move along the coastal road until we reach Santa Maria di Leuca, the southernmost point of Puglia. After enjoying this pretty town and admiring the splendid view of the sea, we will return to Lecce for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 8: Departure from Lecce

After breakfast, the Puglia and Matera 2022 tour will come to an end with the check out of the hotel.

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