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The Palm-Sized Robot Dog “Petoi Bittle” Can Do Things Other Robot Dogs Can’t

Have you ever seen a robot dog that fits in your palm? We bet you haven’t! Petoi Bittle is the first-ever palm-sized robot dog in the world. Initially, it may look like a toy, but it’s not. Rather it is an AI-powered gadget that behaves like a real dog.

Unlike other robot dogs, Bittle is not expensive. It is a consumer-grade robot dog that is available for under $299. Despite the affordable price tag and compact design, Petoi Bittle is the best robot dog on the market.

Petoi Bittle can do things that even primitive robot dogs can’t. It can walk, play, roll around, and even learn new tricks and skills. Instead of sliding on wheels, it walks on all four legs like a real quadruped!

This amazing little robo dog is not just designed for fun and entertainment, but it can also be used for STEM learning and research. It is the perfect robotics/STEM building tool that you could have asked for. That being said, let’s check out all the special features it has to offer.

What makes Petoi Bittle robot dog better than other robot dogs?

Before you get your hands on Petoi Bittle robo dog, you will want to know about its features and functions. It may look small, but it can do much more than traditional robot dogs.

  1. Various uses

Bittle makes a perfect tool for teaching, researching, and learning of STEM and robotics. It is suitable for students, teachers, programmers, and developers. It can also be an impressive gift, especially for geeky friends.

Don’t mistake this robo dog as a children’s toy. It is mainly designed for STEM and robitcs education. Also, parental guidance is recommended to avoid injury or damage. It comes with one hour of playtime, after which you will need to charge the batteries.

Because it’s open source, you can hack its internal software and customize it however you want.

  1. Movement

This palm-sized robo dog moves with four legs, which makes it easier to navigate around. The best thing is it can move on all types of terrains by programming.

It features dynamic maneuverability, which is generally found in high-end robots such as Boston Dynamic Spot robot dog. But Petoi came up with the ultimate solution to make this system mass-producible and affordable for consumers.

  1. Arduino board and Raspberry Pi support

Petoi Bittle robo dog is based on OpenCat, an open source robotic pet framework for quadruped. It is developed by bringing together various gadgets from different makers to form one organic unit.

It is customized with an Arduino Uno compatible board which is responsible for coordinating all sophisticated and intuitive movements. You can also add more sensors to improve its perception. It is because of features like this that Petoi Bittle stands out from other simple robo dogs.

  1. NyBoard V1

Bittle is powered by NyBoard V1, which happens to be a customized Arduino Uno board. This board is capable of driving 12 IMU and PWM servos. It is useful in detecting body status for balancing and storing muscle memory.

It comes with an infrared remote and a mobile app that can be used to activate basic movements. Not just that, but the board can also follow string commands or detailed instructions.

  1. Actuator

It includes a fast, slim servo with a 270 degrees controllable angle. It takes nine P1S servos to actuate this palm-sized robo dog.

For walking, it uses eight servos, and one servo for head panning. The package also includes an extra servo for replacement.

  1. Battery

Petoi Bittle is run by a Li-ion battery that offers one hour of activity time. The LED indicators will let you know when to charge the batteries.

The battery pack comes with a protection circuit and built-in charging.

Petoi Bittle is a one-of-a-kind robo dog and is worth the money. If you wanted a robo pet dog, this could be the one for you.

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