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Maserati Ghibli – Key Specifications to Explore

The automobile industry is full of the economy and sports cars, catering to the needs of different riders. Whether you want to enjoy a comfortable ride with your family or indulge in a racing event with your buddies, the market is full of options. Talking about sporty vehicles, Maserati Ghibli is a perfect choice for many, thanks to its extravagant features and state-of-the-art specifications. This post will uncover key specifications of Maserati Ghibli you should explore. Keep walking with us to know more!

Key Specifications of Maserati Ghibli You Need To Know:

Maserati Ghibli is an exotic vehicle with excellent engine performance and security features. The exterior style is all-star, and you can spark a head-turning intrigue as you pass by the walkers. Nothing can beat the charm and class of this vehicle when it comes to enjoying a classy ride. We have compiled a list of specifications and key features of Maserati Ghibli that you should know before renting or purchasing it.

1. Engine performance and specs:

Talking about the engine performance, you will never find a weak spot in this vehicle. Riding it on a highway could be an extravagant experience, and you will never want to get off the driving seat. The rumbling engine below your driving seat will make you feel the best in this car, making you feel a sense of thrill and excitement.

Sporty riders will always go for this option as it will never disappoint on any front. Are you thinking about participating in a sports event with your buddies? Consider renting this vehicle from reliable sports car hire Dubai companies and make the event cheerful with your entry! Here are a few engine specs of this car you should know.

  • 0L V6 engine
  • Gas engine type
  • 345hp@ 5550rpm
  • 369nm@1750rpm
  • 24 valves
  • Double Overhead Cam (DOHC)
  • Variable valve timing

2. Fuel economy and MPG:

Are you worried about the fuel economy and budget of the car? Don’t panic! The car provides excellent fuel economy! With premium unleaded fuel type, the car provides estimated mileage of 17 MPG inside the city. There is no need to run it faster while exploring the city sites.

However, the numbers may change dramatically when you are on the highway. The more the engine roars, the higher the fuel consumption. Riders should expect 26 MPG while riding fast on a highway. The tank has 21.1 gals. capacity, which is enough for a long drive with your family.

3. Maserati Ghibli safety features:

Safety is the primary concern during a drive, and you should never ignore it. Before renting or purchasing a vehicle, you should deeply assess the onboard safety features of a car to ensure nothing can disturb your drive. Maserati brand has never disappointed its riders on security fronts, and the Ghibli variant is all-protected.

You can find everything under its hood, whether you think about airbags, ABS, or post-collision safety warnings. Here is a comprehensive list of safety features you can find in this vehicle.

  • Blindspot warning
  • Accident avoidance system
  • Post-collision warning system
  • Stability control
  • Child seat anchors
  • Traction control
  • 4-wheel ABS
  • Child safety locks

Anything that could save you from a potential accident with a roll-over effect could be handy in this domain. Maserati Ghibli is an excellent choice for a safer ride, no matter whether you glide over the highway or explore the city sites with your loved ones.

4. In-car entertainment features:

Riders always love to play their favorite playlist once they hit the road. Think about a long drive on the highway with light rain showers and your favorite song playing in the background? Would not that be a sight to capture forever? You can live that gem of sight by taking this exotic car for a spin.

Finding the best spot for renting this vehicle is no more headache! Consider contacting sports car hire companies near you and rent this model out for a perfect ride! Here are a few features you can find in this car.

  • AM/FM stereo
  • Premium brand speakers
  • 10 speakers inside the cabin
  • 1 subwoofer
  • USB connection
  • AUX audio input
  • Memory card slot
  • Satellite radio
  • Video monitor

The features mentioned earlier can make your ride perfect should you play your favorite music. Not having enough media options in your car means missing out on a fun yet exciting ride. Why not pay closer attention to these aspects and make your ride memorable and thrilling? It sounds genius!

Experience the Thrill of Riding a Sports Car!

A sports car always brings a sense of thrill and class with it. Have you ever been in a sports car before? If not, now is the perfect time to rent one and explore what it feels like riding a sports car. Consider contacting reliable car rental companies near you to rent your favorite sports model for your next drive out with your loved ones!

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