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Mars in Kundli: Effect of strong Mars in your kundli according to an astrologer!

Astrology is a strong force driving human life. One of those planets, Mars, is one. Astrology’s Planet Mars plays an important role in Vedic Astrology. It is our source of energy, and it is also vital in Hinduism. Astronomically, Mars is among the outer planets along with Saturn and Jupiter. Although scientists have proved that Mars is red in the 20th century, this description was present in Vedic texts. Sage Para Sara Varahamihira clearly stated that Mars was red and is the planet of action, passion, and war. Planet Mars is the warrior of the zodiac in all branches of astrology. Mars is also known by the name “the red planet”.

Mars is the planet that represents passion and action. Mars also signifies our energy. Mars is the soldier in the planetary cabinet. It executes the decisions made by the Sun, the king. A person who has Mars prominently in their chart will be a soldier or a sportsperson.

The benefits of positive Mars in Kundli

People who were born with a prominent Mars are direct and have no need for hypocrisy. They would tell what is in their hearts. They will not let bad things get in their way. These people will do whatever it takes to be satisfied. These people are self-obsessive and egoists.

Mars, an ancient Roman god, is second only to Jupiter according to mythology. We know little about his origins, and the character that is available (mainly from the cult in Rome) is often misunderstood. His evolution into a god war in historical times is evident. In Roman literature, he was the protector and protector of Rome, a country proud of its wars.

Mars-influenced natives love to do challenging jobs. They don’t want to be in any job that is boring or carries high risk. They are more likely to take on jobs that spark their inner fire, such as engineers, surgeons, or armed forces. These people could even turn to serial killers if Mars is negative in their Kundli. You will be very athletic if Mars is your Lagna lord. You will have less mass but more energy and enthusiasm. Mars-ruled people tend to be very short-tempered. They are known for their ability to dominate others and will go the extra mile to prove they are.

Mars is called Bhumi or the son of Earth in the Vedas. Mars is also known to be the indicator of land and real-estate deals. Vedas have many stories about Mars. One such story is that Mars is the son of Shiva and Bhumi. Shiva was performing the celestial dance Tandav when a drop of sweat fell off his body. Bhumi then took the sweat and Mars was born. Mars is also known by the name Lohitanga. Angaraka is another name for Mars.

Mars rules the natural zodiac wheel in two signs: Aries and Scorpio. Astrology has 108 names for Mars. It is exalted under the sign Capricorn, and it is debilitated under the sign Cancer. People with strong Mars tend to love red colors, such as red cloth or red accessories. It is exalted in Capricorn at 28 degrees, while it is weak in Cancer at 28. Mooltrikona Rahi is Aries.

Final Words to Mars

Vedic Astrology uses Mars to indicate many things. These include the head, cranium, red blood corpuscles, and fever. Mars is also an indicator for the 6th House in Astrology because it deals with all negative things such as challenges, debts, and enemies. Mars is your ruler, so there will be lots of opposition in your life. You are here to fight the enemies.

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