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Maintain Your Privacy: Enabling Incognito Mode on Apps Like YouTube, Spotify, & Instagram

If you are concerned about your online privacy, incognito mode is the answer! A lot of people are familiar with this mode and use it whenever they use the internet. After all, it offers plenty of benefits. For instance, enabling this mode will stop your web history from being recorded. Also, if you enter private information like your credit card details to pay for let’s say, your Cox Gigablast plan, it will not get stored. This mode is excellent if you want to hide some particular information from those around you.

You may have used incognito mode on different web browsers. But did you know that there are some apps that too have this feature? If not, don’t fret! This article is going to explain how you can enable this feature in apps like YouTube, Spotify, and Instagram, along with some other applications. So, read on!

#1. YouTube

YouTube is the ultimate video-sharing platform. You can watch hours upon hours of fresh content on this platform and will never get bored. Many people may consider using YouTube without switching on the incognito mode. This will allow the platform to continue recommending videos that you may like. But sometimes, there may be some clips that you don’t want the platform to show, especially when you are using the app in public. In this case, incognito will help!

So, how to switch on the incognito mode on YouTube? Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is tap on your profile picture that will be located on the top left side. When you do that, an option will appear which will say Turn On Incognito. You can tap on that. Once it is enabled, YouTube will give you a clean state and will offer fresh and new recommendations. Plus, your viewing history will disappear. If you want to turn off this mode, just tap on your profile picture, and press Turn Off Incognito.

If you are using YouTube on your browser, you will not be able to find the incognito mode. However, if you open the platform in an incognito tab, it will automatically enter that mode. Also, please note that if you have subscribed to YouTube Premium and are using the platform in incognito, you can expect the ads to return.

#2. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most widely used audio streaming applications. But did you know that your listening history can be shared with the friends that you have connected to on the app? Also, you may not know that your recently played artists will appear on your public profile. If you don’t want this to happen, enable the incognito mode.

For turning on the incognito mode, launch the app on your smartphone and tap Home. Once there, you will see a toggle switch next to Private Session. You have to turn it on. Once that is done, your private session will be activated. If you are on desktop, open the app and hit the drop-down arrow which is located on the top right. You will find the switch there. You can end the private session by repeating the steps but this time, flick the switch the other way. If you don’t end the private session manually, it will turn off automatically after you restart the app.  

#3. Instagram

Instagram doesn’t really have an incognito mode. However, you can stop your friends from seeing when you are online. If you want to enable this feature, just tap on your profile picture, then press the menu button and go to Settings. Once there, go to Privacy. You will now be required to hit Activity Status and switch off the option that says Show Activity Status. Before you try this, keep in mind that once this feature is activated, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other people. You will have to switch it on to find out who is online.

#4. Twitter

Even though Twitter is on this list, it has no incognito mode. However, there is a way to use the platform without logging in. You will be able to view media and posts. But you will not be able to interact with what people are posting. If you are thinking about trying this, keep in mind that it will only work on a web browser.

#5. Other Apps

There are many other apps that don’t really offer incognito mode, but you can still perform a few particular functions of the feature. For instance, when it comes to streaming platforms like Netflix, you won’t find an incognito mode, but you will still be able to edit your viewing history. You can even remove items if necessary. Apart from Netflix, there are many other apps that will allow you to edit your viewing history.


Incognito mode is a useful feature that ensures the safety of internet users. Hence, it’s no wonder why people like to use it so frequently whenever they are surfing on the web. This feature is not limited to web browsers. You can also use it on different apps such as the ones mentioned above. This will help you enjoy whatever it is that you like watching or listening without any worries.

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