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Linksys Router Setup Using Smart Setup Wizard

Setting up the Linksys router is fairly easy when you use the smart setup wizard. However, you need to fulfill a few conditions before doing the Linksys router setup. So, let’s first make you familiar with all those requirements. After that, you can easily get over with the Linksys router setup.

So, without further ado, let’s get going and learn how to set up your Linksys router. Keep reading.

Basic Requirement to Do Linksys Router Setup

Web Browser

To access the smart setup wizard of Linksys router, you need a web browser. So, you should have an updated web browser on your computer or laptop. 

Internet Connection

Further, you should have a strong, reliable, consistent, and faster internet connection.


Also, make sure you have access to an Ethernet cable. Moreover, you should also carry an extra power supply cable to avoid any issues while doing the Linksys router setup.

Linksys Router Setup Process

Set Router

Does your router have external antennas? If yes, connect them to your router before plugging it into a power socket. Further, check whether there is a power switch on the router. In case there is one, press it. Wait for the LED lights to turn solid. 

Connect Router to Modem

Get an Ethernet cable and connect your router to the modem. The Ethernet cable should be tightly fitted to the router. Make sure the Ethernet cable is working perfectly.

Launch Web Browser

Turn on your computer or laptop and launch a web browser. You can choose Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. Compatibility is the number one issue that many users face while using a web browser. So, choose the one that is compatible with the software of your computer.

Access Official IP Address

Carefully type the official Linksys router IP address in the web browser. For that, you should always use the address bar of the chosen web browser. Moreover, you should ensure that there are no typing errors while entering the IP address. 

Accept Terms

When the web page opens, you should accept all the terms and conditions. Check the box located at the base of the screen of your computer. Without it, you won’t be permitted to head further and complete the Linksys router setup. In short, agreeing to the terms and conditions is mandatory.

Do Router Login

Further, you need to do the router login. After logging into the router, you get access to the smart setup wizard. So, keep the official login username and password by your side. Just make sure that there are no errors or typing mistakes while typing in the login details. 

Complete Setup

Once you are done with the router login, you get access to the smart setup wizard. Hence, you face various on-screen instructions. Make sure you don’t enter any wrong information. Apart from that, you should not skip any step while following the on-screen instructions. After applying the changes, your Linksys router setup is complete.


Setting up the router lets you enjoy seamless internet browsing, gaming, and streaming of your favorite shows. While doing the router setup, make sure you don’t commit any mistakes or errors. In case you are not satisfied with the router’s performance, you should get an extender. For that, you need to access the http extender linksys com setup page to modify its settings and remove all dead zones.

With everything is done correctly, the router setup process will follow smoothly. After that, you can rest assured of having the best internet experience in every nook and cranny of your home.

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