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How to Choose the Best Rockspace Extender?

Want to clear the internet dead spot in your house? Or, how about having fast WiFi internet connectivity on the first floor? In such scenarios, getting a wireless Rockspace extender is going to resolve your problems. However, people hardly have the least knowledgeable when it comes to buying an extender.

If you are one of those, worry not. This article is going to help you to buy the best Rockspace extender. After that, you will never have to worry about slow internet connection or dead zones in your house. So, let’s get going. Read on.

Buyer’s Guide to Rockspace WiFi Extender


The most important thing is the internet speed. While buying a new Rockspace extender, know about the maximum and minimum WiFi speed or standards that it supports. Having the latest technology, you can rest assured to have the fastest and most reliable internet connection.

Hence, you should look for WiFi 6 technology which is more latent and offers more device connectivity. So, make sure you get through the technical aspects required in an extender for the best speed.


You need a WiFi range extender to deal with the dead zones in your house. That is where Rockspace extenders will come to your rescue. These small devices can easily cover more than 1500 square feet of space.

So, you should check the maximum range of area covered by a Rockspace extender. Depending on your need, you should go with the best-suited extender. You should access http //re.rockspace.local to change the area to be covered by your extender.


Usually, there are single and dual-band WiFi channels in a Rockspace extender. You should understand that a dual-band WiFi extender has more in your pocket for you. Thus, having a dual-band frequency permits you to shift between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz whenever you feel like it.

2.4 GHz is a pretty common frequency that is even used by heavy electrical appliances in the house. Therefore, you should choose the one with the better coverage and speed. 


Securing your WiFi network space is crucial. It not only saves you from malware but also online hackers. So, you should go with the extender offering the best security package. For instance, WPA2 is pretty common in current times.

While looking for a Rockspace extender, explore your options by going beyond WPA2 or WPA3. That is going to make your internet browsing safer and easy. Hence, your privacy will stay intact. You can do that by logging into your Rockspace extender.

Note: Don’t get confused between Rockspace and Rackspace com login web address. Choose the right one to do the extender login after the initial setup.


What is the point of buying an extender that doesn’t pair up with your current router? Even while buying a Rockspace extender, check whether it supports the router you have. Even though it will since Rockspace is a universally compatible extender, however, checking before buying won’t hurt.

So, with greater compatibility, you will have a secure and full-fledged WiFi network. Hence, make sure you check the extender’s compatibility first.


Having a port to connect your extender to other devices by using a wire is important. Wired connections are stable and strong. Apart from that, wired connection does have much scope for fluctuation. Therefore, while choosing a Rockspace extender, you should check the availability of ports on the extender.

The more ports are there, the more devices you can connect by using a wire. Hence, that is going to decrease the flow of WiFi frequencies in your space.


The cost of a good extender might be a lot less than that of the best Rockspace extender. Furthermore, the price can also vary on the availability of several features in your device. In case you don’t want extra features which will not affect your day-to-day work, you can settle down with the affordable ones.

Your budget will decide whether to go for the affordable one or to buy the high end with the best features. Make sure you don’t stretch your budget much.


Keeping all the points mentioned above in check will help you get the best Rockspace extender. Just keep a check on your budget first. Depending on that, you can easily find the best in your budget range.

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