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How to Play with Friends in Sakura School Simulator

The average game has a play together feature that allows players to play with other users in the game. For example play in Sakura School Simulator which is booming lately.

Users can do play with friends on sss to add to the fun of playing this game. That way, players can enjoy and exchange ideas with each other in sakura school simulator.

However, there are still many people who don’t know how to get better in Sakura School Simulator 2022. So the desire to play together is not realized properly.

If you play the game sakura school simulator, you should also know the id props sakura school simulator so you can find nice houses. You can go through the link above.

Well, in this article, our Mazingus team will provide information about the Sakura School Simulator guide. So players can play with friends, family, girlfriends in this Sakura School Simulator game on android. Here’s how to play sakura school simulator.

How to Play with Friends in Sakura School Simulator

  • To play together at Sakura School, the first thing players need to do is open an account for this game. Next, please play a character in Sakura School Simulator.
  • Then, please search or meet other characters (free). Then, try to hold the character’s hand by tapping the “Talk” option and then pressing “Hold Hands”.
  • Well, to display the same character. Please tap the “Clone” menu, it is under the camera icon.
  • Finally, tap “Action” to move each character. Users can move the two characters alternately.

Note: What the author means in this article is that players can play together using other characters at the same time. Because the Sakura School game itself does not support playing with other players in this Sakura school simulator.

However, the good news is, there is a statement saying that the playing feature with other players will be released soon, although the author himself does not know when the release date will be.

The author’s personal opinion, by moving these characters alternately, it will look like you’re getting ready in this 2022 sakura school simulator. Yes, even though it’s a bit complicated! hehe

That’s the information related to how to play with sakura school simulator. Isn’t it difficult? Only by following the steps above users can play as if they were playing with other players. Also if you looking for tutorial about Sakura School Simulator Game, you can go to

Thank you and hopefully useful

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