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How to Make the Perfect Fraternity Rush Shirt

It’s time to use shirts to bring your Greek group’s identity to life!

Did it truly happen if there isn’t a t-shirt to commemorate it?

T-shirts bring events to life, both while and after they happen, and the fraternity rush t-shirt is no exception.

A fraternity or sorority t-shirt is one of the most recognizable items on a college campus. T-shirts are now a staple of every event, whether it’s for rush week, a dating function, or an alumni reunion. They’ve turned into wearable souvenirs, and judging on their popularity around campus, many can’t wait to put them on after the event.

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How to make the ideal fraternity rush tee

Front, back, and front chest prints

When deciding where to put the image on your fraternity rush t-shirt, a tiny print on the left chest and a more giant print on the back are always a good choice. The front print is usually simple, with only 1-2 colors, whereas the rear print is larger and more intricate.

Include all of the necessary details.

The purpose of any fraternity shirt is to remember and enjoy the event, so make sure you include all of the pertinent information. Consider the following:

The event’s name is (i.e Rush Week)

The year in which the event occurred  (i.e. 2020 – as if events happened in 2020)

The graduating class’s year (if it’s a class-specific year)

Where did the incident occur?

The fraternity’s name and Greek letters (of course)

Some form of event-specific artwork or design

Select the ideal t-shirt for printing.

It’s critical to choose the correct t-shirt for your rush week shirts. Fortunately, the style of this type of t-shirt is quite well established, and we have a few possibilities that will always work.

Make a t-shirt design with someone from your fraternity.

There’s a good chance that someone in your fraternity is studying graphic design. It would be beneficial to have them put together your rush shirt designs for several reasons.

First and foremost, having someone who knows what they’re doing will ensure that these shirts look fantastic. If you try to do it yourself without any design knowledge, you risk becoming known as the “poor t-shirt person” for the rest of your school career (and beyond).

Second, rather than paying a freelancer, hiring someone in-house to accomplish it saves money, something no one has ever complained about.

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