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5 tips to secure your office building

Being a company employing human resources at their place, safety naturally becomes a primary concern for you. There are thankfully many security services in Malaysia and companies to choose from. However, not every security service provider would be the best fit for you. So, in this blog we share the five tips with you that we believe will surely help you find the best match for your company’s security service needs. Because let’s just accept that even a minor breach or break-in to your security can cost you a lot.

But before we share the tips we think it would be good to start with understanding your needs, resources available and the specific requirements that you may have.

Be acquainted with the gaps
When you look for security services in Malaysia or anywhere else, you need to know the gaps that you want to mitigate with a sound security strategy. The key is to think like a thief what others would want to steal from you and you need to secure. Find the blind spots and other access points

Be aware of your area
Different areas have different security needs and this is why it is necessary to understand fully the area you are in. A good way to start is to look on the crime news related to the area in the past.  What happened, why and when?

Find the risks
Besides the area, now you need to understand the kind of crimes your business and industry is particularly more vulnerable to. For instance, let’s say you have a warehouse in Malaysia, it would be good if you could figure out what are the chances of him entering as a regular visitor or raiding in during night time. When you tell security services in Malaysia that you are considering to onboard, they come in a better place to present you a security strategy that would have high chances of working to protect your office.

Know your budget
Budget is another thing that comes in the way of you hiring the best security services in Malaysia. So, when you search for Security services Malaysia, it would be great to make a list of how many security guards and how much technology control would you need. With this information they will be able to share a quote with you.

Now let’s look at the Security parameters for your office

4 Ds Of Security

Here are some security parameters you must pay attention to. Take a look.


The first thing that you must learn is visual deterrence. The logic is simple if there would be a lot of technology and manpower involved in the security of your office the chances of thieves breaking into your office. All the setup would make the thieves feel hard to break in and hence they would go  on to find some easy target. The security guards of security services in Malaysia or elsewhere would further be enough to scare away the unwanted scenarios and people.


To detect any intrusion in the premise, you should work on building a great detection system. With this you have to go beyond the windows and doors, use the detectors also at back entrance pathways, low walls and such. You must also consider the cameras you are placing in terms of their video quality, position and more. The surveillance should be such that you should be able to check in the nearest camera why an alarm went off , there might be something suspicious.


The next parameter in securing your office is to deny access control for highly sensitive information even to your employees.
For instance- Give an individual access code, create a formal way to digitise the lost or stolen key report. Grant visiting access to anyone other than employees to just the public area.


Most breaches happen by someone known or someone who has been a visitor of your premise before. They might have gained access to some unattended values or information or even identified a loop hole in your overall security. This is why it is quintessential for you to hire security guard services in Malaysia or elsewhere that is not lethargic and stays active. So, one way to avoid the delay and wait for some breaching to happen is to ensure everyone who enters the premise is taken a photo of , given an ID card and made an entry and exit entry of, even the employees.

We hope this blog helps you in securing your office with the help of a security services company. If you are in Malaysia, you can begin your search with “security services Malaysia”.

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