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How to Do the Best Wedding Videography Using Traditional Videography Tricks

A wedding these days is incomplete without the presence and hard work of a videographer. They add life to the event and help couples and everyone else around make memories. If you are looking forward to start up a career as a wedding videographer or working as one presently, here are some tips to help you:

The Right Gear

This is very essential. Having the right gear will make or break your wedding videography. There are some crucial parts you should focus on:

Camera Body

Filming an entire wedding is tedious and time consuming. You should focus on getting a lightweight mirrorless camera. It should have some powerful filming. Make sure your camera meets the following requirements (regardless of the brand you choose):

– Film 1080P/60FPS (Full HD)

– Filming at 2160P/60FPS (4K video) is important.

– Films raw footage with auto-focus and cinematic color.

– Multiple backup batteries

– Memory cards

– 24-70mm/F2.8 Lens

– Big aperture lens (35mm/1.4 or 85mm/1.4) for handling low lighting situations

– 70mm-200mm/F2.8 lens for long and distance shots

Communicate with the Bride and Groom

Since the wedding ceremony is about the bride and the groom, you should have an intimate conversation with the bride and groom. Prior to the wedding ceremony, spend good amount of time with the bride and groom to discuss about what they need. Note down any specific expectations they have. This will help you to shoot the best wedding video.

Here’s what you can discuss:

– Ask about any special requests they have

– Dress color combination

– Theme of the wedding

– Your presence at the wedding scene

– What you will be filming and not filming

– The timeframe by which the couple will get the complete edited wedding video.

– The means of delivery

Don’t Underestimate Audio

Audio is crucial for any videography. You should always have backups ready. The “I Dos” and vows should be captured beautifully. In case, you don’t capture actions as they happen, you didn’t do your job well. The best wedding videographer in Delhi suggest having multiple audio sources recording. The most important part is to see that your camera captures quality sound. In case, your camera doesn’t really help you with this, it is suggested to invest in external recorders. Do not put the mic on a bride. You can try out a lavalier microphone instead.

Partnering with DJ is great idea. You can literally plug into their sound board. Make sure you talk to the DJ in advance. This strategy should only be used for backup audio.

Traditional Shots

You may want to experiment and add a bit of creativity on the wedding day which is perfect. However, it is equally important to get some usual and the typical wedding shots. These are never going to go out of trend. Experimenting combined with respecting the traditional shots that have been a part of traditional wedding videography is the key to flourish in this field. After all, the couples would love to see their vows, small moments, first dance, ring ceremony and cake cutting. All important things should be covered prior to getting cool transition shots.

Stability is Important

Most videographers tend to take stabilization lightly. This is one of the most crucial elements for wedding shoots. Going completely handheld can make it really tough for you. The camera and footage may go shaky without you even realizing it. You can use a variety of tools to ensure stability to your videos such as a tripod, slider, monopod, glide-cam, or a shoulder rig. You should also be able to quickly switch between your support gears. It will be easier if you put the same quick release plate on different gear. This helps you to switch on the go effortlessly.

For wedding videographers, tripods work really well. However, you need to take care of the space you get for the shoot. You can go for a monopod or glidecam to keep shooting between small spaces effortlessly.

Capture B-roll

Editing can be handled really well by the B-roll. Not having this enough can give you tough time. It is important for shooting parts of the crowd to let the bride and groom enjoy later. They will be happier to see their friends and family taking part in the ceremonies. The footage will also be helpful for hiding any rough edits. You can also use it for cutting to the crowd wherever necessary.

Low Light Situations

As a videographer, you should be prepared for low light conditions. For instances, if you are asked to shoot for evening receptions, the artificial lights used can be terrible! Most professional wedding filmmakers consider this as a nightmare. It is going to be dark both indoors and outdoors. The lights can be dimmed once the dinner is served. This creates difficulty in shooting videos. You will require your own lights to get some of the shots right.

It is always recommended to choose a camera that can handle low light well. Use the lights sparingly. Leaving them on for longer can kill the vibe of the event.

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