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How to Build a Fence Around a Pool

The height of the fence around a pool varies depending on state and city regulations. Generally, the height must be at least 48 inches, but some areas require a higher height. Vertical boards or horizontal rails are recommended. If you decide to use vertical boards, ensure that the spacing between them is no more than four inches. If you have a gate, be sure to install self-closing or self-latching locks so that your children will be safe when they are in the pool.

A fence around a swimming pool can be constructed of many different materials. The main criterion is that it must be a safe barrier that children cannot climb or pass through the Parker Co fence company. You can use walls and structures to enclose the area, or you can cover the fence with plants and vines. The fence must be self-closing and latch, and the latch must be 54 inches above the ground to prevent access from climbing or escaping.

When choosing a fence, consider its strength. The most sturdy types are made of Textilene(r) mesh, which offers superior durability in any weather conditions. The highest-strength marine thread used in fencing reinforces the essential sections of the fence around a pool. The fence around a pool should also include a Pool Gate, which helps to keep children out. Apart from the fencing material, Pool Gates are also highly recommended. The gate should also be self-closing and open away from the pool area.

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