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How to Adjust Murphy Bed Springs?

Buying new furniture is expensive, especially if you have to buy it all at once. One way to save money while getting high-quality furniture you love is by buying pieces that are designed to be multifunctional, such as murphy beds from Miami Best Murphy Bed Stores. These kinds of beds can make your bedroom feel larger because they fold up into the wall when not in use, but fold out when it’s time to sleep, creating an extra sleeping space or an additional living area.

Murphy Bed Instructions

Best Murphy Bed Stores in Miami – Miami is known for tropical weather, good music, and big parties. Unfortunately, in a city that never sleeps, Miami sometimes can be a challenging place when it comes to accommodating new furniture. After all, there are no couches or bookshelves that are practical for small apartments and yet most residents of Miami want their homes to reflect who they are and where they came from. A great solution is the Murphy bed. It’s perfect for small spaces and can be easily folded away into the wall during the day so that you have plenty of space for living room activities like eating, working, or playing games with friends.

Tools Needed

Good communication skills and a few tools, including flat-head screwdrivers, needle-nose pliers, and an adjustable wrench. If you’re working with an old mattress or box spring—especially if it’s been sitting in storage for a while—it may take more than one try to get everything level. Be patient! Grab some old towels and a bottle of your favorite beverage and have at it. And be sure to clean up as you go along. Murphy beds are notoriously hard to assemble again once they’ve been taken apart. I found that assembling the entire thing on the floor first helped me see where all the pieces went before I had them jumbled together inside the frame. You can even do this on carpeting if you need to move things around a bit and don’t want to scratch up your floor.

Adjusting the Springs

In terms of mattress quality, you generally get what you pay for. The problem is that most people don’t realize how important their mattress is until they have already purchased it and are hit with chronic back pain and lack of sleep. If you’re not feeling well-rested or just can’t seem to get comfortable, try adjusting your spring mattresses. It could be a quick fix for an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Springs will sag over time and this causes the sleeping surface to lose its firmness and make getting in and out of bed difficult. Springs can also become too tight as the mattress becomes older which makes it difficult to turn in bed.


Sometimes, Murphy beds are a tricky thing. Sure, they’re easy to install and pack away nicely, but sometimes you may run into some trouble with them. If you need help fixing your bed or just want some more tips on adjusting it properly, check out our list of Best Murphy Bed Stores!

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