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How can Your Business Benefit from an Automated Workforce Management System?

Mobile workforce management software essentially required in businesses that have distributed clients and assets or offer services using dispersed resources.

In such companies, field duties are often managed by distinct units of dispatchers in charge of task distribution and their subordinate mobile workers. Through task allocation optimization, execution control, and the normalization of the time required to accomplish various types of field jobs, FSM systems increase work efficiency and assist both of these areas.

Application of the FSM system:

The adoption of common characteristics like task management, optimization, and fundamental reporting capabilities (without taking into consideration sector-specific task execution techniques);

System improvements and business process automation include, among other things, adjusting the system to specific activities and processes, integrating it with other company-used systems, giving field employees thorough information about ongoing tasks, and incorporating more field data gathering tools.

Beyond the characteristics of the basic workforce management software, enhanced automation of business activities is available. Such automation is unique to each firm and depends on the jobs performed and other technologies the company uses. As a result, system modification and carrying out one or more connections with other solutions are typically required for automation.

In light of the preceding, it is recommended that the online appointment scheduling be implemented in its standard form to maximize field service optimization advantages while reducing installation and maintenance costs.

About 70–80% of the benefits that may be realized in a version wholly connected with other systems and tightly tailored to the organization’s needs are already present in the system’s actual performance, which unifies reporting methods for various types of work.

We may cut the implementation time in half or even three times by forgoing the costly integration and modifications in the standard version. Of course, the FSM system may be improved upon and tailored to suit specific requirements.

However, it is essential to consider possible adaptations while implementing the FSM standard (based on the experiences with the performance of the standard version). This will give the chance to evaluate the potential return on investment (ROI). As a result, the business will be better positioned to decide on future FSM investment strategies in later phases of the system development.

Why are field technicians your secret weapon in sales and services?

Field service technicians: master of many trades and jack of all trades? When planning for the future of our company, we should begin by considering the potential of our technology. They are in the ideal position to increase your sales; therefore, their worth extends beyond their aptitude for installation and repair.

After all, the goal of every firm is to increase sales. Your company will fail if there are no sales. A positive customer service experience increases the likelihood that consumers will purchase from you, and this cycle indirectly influences all facets of your sales and service operation.

Your back office customer care personnel plays a role in giving your customers that fantastic experience. Your client experience will improve if they resolve problems flawlessly. But what if we could do that while providing the service? What if we could use our field service workers to boost revenue potential in addition to handling customer support issues?

There are many reasons why you should cross-train your technicians, but in this article, we’ll focus on the 3 that we think are most crucial.

Teaching sales and service to technicians:

Some individuals detest being “sold” to. Pushy sales techniques that seem to provide little value are uncomfortable. Even if the proposition gives value, it can be a major turnoff for many clients if presented incorrectly. Your technicians can be cross-trained to help with this. As you’ll see, selling and customer service go hand in hand and, when used effectively, are both significant factors in providing customers with memorable experiences.

Influencers and Social Proof:

The concept of social proof holds that individuals purchase goods from people they respect or aspire to be like. In this instance, we wish to show social evidence from an expert’s perspective.

Your technician is ideal for upselling additional items or services because they are currently on-site resolving a problem or providing the client with some assistance. Consider this your introduction to influencer marketing in the real world without using a selfie filter or ring light.

If they believe there is no obvious or concrete advantage, this might come back to bite you. However, a value-based suggestion from a subject matter expert hugely impacts the purchase choice.

For instance, a semi-annual HVAC check may reveal the need for an immediate filter replacement, ductwork upkeep, or even a more compact installation like a duct booster fan.

This is partly due to the information we learn from the discovery queries we make throughout the scheduling process. You should provide a method for getting information so that you may seek ways to generate money while ensuring all of the consumer’s demands are met. Another essential ability that enhances both service and sales chances is active listening.

These possibilities may be handled immediately when a technician is sales-conscious, which raises the job’s value and lowers the overall cost of that technician’s labor rate.

Speaking of sales-conscious, it’s critical to remember that their primary responsibility is and should always be as technicians, followed by salespeople. This makes it easier to stay focused on the actual goal of your company’s field service. Their suggestions for goods and services can eventually help customer service efforts if they are made honestly.

Customers’ needs:

Customer service involves more than simply problem-solving; it also offers preventative measures. Even though we’ve covered sales in great depth, remember that this isn’t always the case.

Your staff may already have your consumer in excellent form! This supports our recommendation that all of your field service representatives engage in this type of cross-training. Although not every customer engagement needs to be an attempt to upsell or immediately raise revenue, every interaction should be an endeavor to deliver excellent customer service.

You may start by incorporating your field techs in staff meetings focused on sales or customer service if they haven’t received any training in those areas yet. They will have first-hand experience handling client complaints or identifying chances to boost sales as a result.

Commonly handled activities like invoicing or scheduling can still be sent to your back office staff while a service technician is out in the field if they prove too complicated for an in-person resolution or if doing so will conflict with their existing schedule.

Allowing your technicians to schedule specific services or provide value-added upsells will only help your business’s attempts to satisfy your clients.


Thanks to the interface with Google Maps, the program makes optimizing job allocation and routing simple and quick. It also allows for real-time monitoring of the progress of completed tasks.

Field employees use mobile devices to operate the workforce management software, which is offered as a cloud-based or on-premise program. The customization of the primary system can also be analyzed for profitability and advantages.

No matter what device you use, you can direct your field service team to new jobs from your back office because it’s web-enabled. In a maintenance emergency or a natural disaster, this is essential for quick deployment requirements.

Your team may keep working on the current job while in the field where data connections are patchy or nonexistent. The online scheduling software will sync their data entries whenever they return to a better service area. Additionally, thanks to sophisticated, real-time location tools, you will always have complete control of technician and customer mapping.

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