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Guide to Change Encryption Standard of Wavlink Extender

Are you looking for a guide to changing the encryption standard of your Wavlink range extender? Yes? This post will surely be of some help to you. Here, we will provide you with complete guidelines that will help you change the encryption standard of your Wavlink WiFi extender  So, let’s get going.

Steps to Change Wavlink Extender Encryption Standard

Step 1- Power Up the Extender

To begin with, power up your Wavlink WiFi range extender. For this, you have to plug it into a power socket that is offering a fluctuation-free power supply. In other words, the wall socket needs to be non-damaged.

Additionally, do not hesitate to bring a UPS into action if your area is a victim of frequent power outages. Once you plug in your Wavlink device, set the power button to the ON position and let the LED light glow.

Step 2- Connect WiFi Devices

Moving on, create a connection between your Wavlink WiFi extender and the host router. You have two options for this purpose: a wired or a wireless source.

No matter which connection source is in use, there must be stable communication between your WiFi devices.

Step 3- Open a Web Browser

Now, get access to a computer that is running on an updated OS version. It is because unwanted errors can halt the process of changing the Wavlink extender’s encryption standard.  Once your PC becomes ready for use, open Google Chrome on it.

You can also use Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or Opera to get the process accomplished.

Step 4- Access Wavlink Login Page

Go to the address bar of the internet browser and type the default web address of your Wavlink WiFi range extender into it. Feel free to use the extender’s IP address to get the job done.

Once you are done entering the web or IP address, press the Enter key. The moment you hit Enter, you will see the Wavlink WiFi extender login page. If you are not taken to the same, then check that the web address is not entered into the search bar of the internet browser. 

Step 5- Log in to Your Wavlink Extender

In the next step, you need to log in to your Wavlink WiFi range extender. So, grab the Wavlink user manual and look for the extender’s default admin password. Once found, enter it into the space provided on the Wavlink admin page.

Thereafter, click the Login button to proceed further. However, you need to select the language before reaching the Wavlink WiFi extender dashboard.

Step 6- Change Encryption Standard

Now, you will be taken to the dashboard of the Wavlink range extender where a number of tabs can be seen. So, click the WiFi tab and reach the WiFi Setup page. 

The WiFi Setup page will reveal the wireless settings of your Wavlink wireless range extender. Scroll down and locate the Security Type option. Once found, select the encryption standard of your choice from the drop-down menu.  Thereafter, click the Apply button.

This is how you can change the encryption standard of your Wavlink range extender. Just in case you get stuck with the process, here are the Wavlink troubleshooting tips that will help you do away with the problem.

Can’t Change Wavlink Extender Encryption Standard?

Tip 1- Proper Connectivity

As mentioned earlier that the connection between your WiFi devices needs to be stable irrespective of the source used, you cannot skit this step. If a wireless source is there, then ensure that the distance between your devices is proper. However, if a wired connection is in action, then the Ethernet cable must not be damaged. Besides, the connection must be finger-tight.

Tip 2- Use an Updated Web Browser

Chances are that you used an outdated web browser to change the encryption standard of your Wavlink wireless range extender. Know that an outdated version of the web browser is sometimes incompatible with the Wavlink setup wizard. So, update the internet browser and do not forget to clear its cache, cookies, and browsing history to prevent the loading of a cached Wavlink login page.

The Conclusion

Changing the encryption standard of the Wavlink WiFi range extender will help you enhance its security with new features. Hopefully, the guidelines shared above will help you set a new encryption standard on your Wavlink repeater. Thanks for reading the post.

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