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Everything you need to know about curtains

When you think about redecorating  your home, you think about curtains. They are easily replaced and come in a great number of varieties and patterns for you to choose from. You won’t have to change your interior’s basics while redecorating as you’ll find curtains to match your room perfectly. Going through minute details can help you get the best curtains for your room even when you don’t have an interior degree. Here are some factors which you should consider before planning to get yourself a set of curtains for your room. 


If you want your curtains to look amazing the colors and patterns of curtains plays an important role in it. You need to decide very smartly about the patterns and designs as they should get well along with the rest of your interior. If you have the rest of the interior with patterns and abstract then using solid and neutral colors and if you have basic interior hanging bright and patterned curtains can give your room the spice you were looking for. But if you are using textured curtains they go well with both the interiors. 

When you are choosing the color for your curtain fabric online, think twice and go through your room’s color scheme so that it goes well with the room. Neutral colors will let you highlight the interior whereas bright colors will bring all attention to the curtains. You can play well with the colors by choosing the color of a random furniture piece and matching your curtain with its color, this will help you compliment two pieces of your room well together. 


Just as color and patterns play an important role the fabric of the curtains matters too. As not every color looks well with every fabric, the fabric plays an important role in the color and pattern of the curtains or cushion cover 16×16 for House. Lightweight fabrics give your room a flowy look which gives a romantic set up but being lightweight don’t let them fall effortlessly or drape easily. Whereas the thick and heavy material of the curtain makes it difficult to manage. The balance of weight, texture and structure of curtains should be managed well to get the desired look for your room. 

Some common curtain materials or fabrics are 

  • Polyester

Polyester is an inflammable fabric which makes it not recommended for kitchen but can be used in other rooms as it is wrinkle and sut resistant and it is easy to maintain too.

  • Silk

Silk is known for its luxurious and elegant appearance, but real silk is hard to maintain as it is a dry clean fabric only.  The original silk can even easily get damaged by sun rays, the faux silk is a better alternative if you are planning to get yourself a silk curtain. 

  • Linen

Linen is one of the most favored curtain fabrics even though it gets wrinkled easily. Linen falls and drapes really well, the weight of linen fabric is neither too heavy or light, it balances evenly. 

  • Cotton 

Cotton is one of the natural fabrics used widely, cotton falls and drapes well but needs frequent cleaning, these curtains are durable too. 

  • Velvet 

These velvet curtains are heavy and fall elegantly. These curtains are used for the rooms which you want to look luxurious. They keep the room warm and even block light and noise out. 

  • Lace

Lace is lightweight fabric used as a lining curtain or for the rooms where you need the maximum light, these are feather light and don’t fall well. 


Whenever you plan on getting yourself curtains the first thing you think is the amount of light you want in the room, the options you have in curtains are sheer, semi sheer, and blackout. The right curtain for every room depends on what use the room is, you can even pair two types of curtains to get benefits of both their best features. 

  • Sheer curtain 

These curtains let maximum amount of light in the room, which makes the room airy and bright making it hard for you to have privacy. These are preferable with heavy drapes for better privacy at night. 

  • Semi sheer curtain

If you want curtains which are airy and flowy but you want a bit of privacy too, these curtains are perfect for you. The weave of such curtains are tight which lets sunlight in but minimum. 

  • Light filtering curtains

These curtains don’t make your room dark and lets minimal amount of light in, these are ideal for living room and dining rooms. 

  • Room darkening curtains

For your bedrooms you need curtains which provide privacy at its best. These curtains don’t block light totally but give your privacy at best at night.

  • Blackout curtains 

These curtains are used as insulating fabric as they keep the room warm and don’t allow light, noise or even air inside. These curtains are ideal for rooms where total blackout is needed like home theaters, bedrooms and places where no light is needed. 


When you finally decide the patterns and fabric for your curtains it is time for you to choose the length of your curtain, the common length are 

  • Puddle length 

To add a little drama to your room you can opt for puddle curtains, they gather on the floor for about 2 or 3 inches beyond floor length.

  • Floor length

These curtains hang for about ¼ the inch above the floor, to give a perfect look, these are ideal for every room kind. You can choose the curtain rod accordingly to get the perfect length. 

  • Apron length

These curtains hang up to 4 inches below your windowsill, these curtains are ebay to open and close. They work well at places where there is something below the window. 


How frequently you can wash your curtains or how you want to maintain your curtains, as some fabrics are suitable only for machine wash or dry clean only. And some need to be hand washed. 

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