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Anti Aging Yoga Poses and Other Techniques

Aging is a natural phenomenon that makes people look elder. However, over the ages, millions of anti-aging products have come into existence. These were a waste. You cannot stop aging, rather, just slow it down. When it comes to slowing down the aging process, nothing works like anti aging yoga poses.

But, this article is not just limited to anti aging yoga poses. We further are going to share with you some extra techniques to fight age. Read on.

Anti Aging Yoga Poses

Shoulder Stand

It pushes blood to your brain and face. Furthermore, the Shoulder pose helps in decompressing your spine. Furthermore, it strengthens your neck joint that further stimulates the flow of blood and other nutrients through your body.

Plow Pose

One step ahead of the Shoulder Stand is the Plow pose. To practice this pose, move your legs towards your head and let your feet touch the ground. It further stretches your lower back that ensures the upper and lower parts of your receive proper nutrition.

Legs Up the Wall

Aging affects your lower body more. Due to this, you get weak and immobile joints. Hence, you should practice Legs Up the Wall. It helps you to de-stress your legs as well as it moves blood to your head. Furthermore, it releases pressure from your legs.

Easy Pose

Do you ever sit with your legs crossed? If not, you should. It is one of the easiest anti aging yoga poses. Bending your legs stimulates your knees and helps in massaging your joints. Over time, you get stronger over time when you simply sit in the Easy pose.

Child’s Pose

Relaxing your mind and body is essential to release stress, pressure, and pain from your overall body and mind. That is where the Child’s pose comes into play. It not just helps with relaxation but also removes lower body stress.

Techniques of Yoga to Counter Aging

Apart from the anti aging yoga poses, there are a few more yogic techniques to slow the aging. Let us take a look at them.

Balanced Diet

If there is a lack of even single nutrition in your diet, you might look more aged. However, when you eat a balanced diet, your body and mind replenish. Hence, you get energized which helps you feel fresh, young, and active.


You don’t have to eat all the time. If you do that, your body doesn’t get the time to repair your body. To give it time to repair muscle and other connective tissues, do fasting. It slows down your aging process. At first, you might find it hard to avoid eating. However, you can always start with either just fruit fasting or water fasting. 

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda has been around for ages that contain plenty of natural medicines to slow the aging process. One of the most effective methods is Ayurvedic massage. The use of medicinal oils helps you rejuvenate your body. These Ayurvedic oils fill the void if there is any lack of nutrients in your body.


A calm mind helps in slowing the aging process. Meditation practice boosts mental peace and calmness. You should be comfortable with sitting alone and mind your business. Over time, you gain mental stillness that helps you slow every physical and mental mechanism.

Sum Up
Aging is crucial to help you get mature and get better cognitive abilities. However, when you grow older, apart from maturity, various diseases and disorders envelop you. To avoid that, you need to take strong steps. Hence, practicing the anti aging yoga poses and other techniques can help you out. Just make sure you stay consistent with your practice. Over time, yoga will be an active part of your routine that is going to help you stay young forever.

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