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Increasing organic traffic is one of the prime goals of digital stores.
It takes an important part of the organic search while generating 40% of online revenue. The best thing is, that you can bring organic traffic to your website at a much lower cost than getting paid traffic. And your ability to drive more traffic makes you the Macho man of the digital marketing world. Although people are working with different domains of digital marketing including, SMM, PPC, and digital advertising. But the best among these practices remain is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

So, if you want to reach a greater audience the first step is to learn how online stores can drive organic traffic through blogger outreach service. For that, you will be needing a well-organized website. This e-commerce website will assist you to know about your customers and the information of your leads. You can track their behavior to know them even more.

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is generated to your website through unpaid or organic search results. The leads come to a blog or a website by searching some specific keywords. Then this particular webpage or blog appears on the list of suggested sites by Bing or Google. As proved by the researchers, the first ranked page gets almost 30% of the organic traffic while the second and third ones get below that. Therefore, every digital store wants to rank on the top pages using the well-searched keywords for the targeted audience. Realizing how vital organic traffic is – brands put their utmost level of consistency and hard work into it. It also allows them to keep an eye on the finish line and always have a spark in them to do better.

What is Ecommerce SEO and how does it elevates your business?

Ecommerce is one way ahead to gain organic traffic to your online business stores. Its main focus is to optimize your site and bring it to the top-ranking search engine results. It’s not only about managing the content and SEO of the site. Instead, it is a strategy to make your website far better and rank well through the use of SEO. Interestingly, there’s a big difference between paid and unpaid advertising. When you stop feeding to the paid ads – you eventually stop getting traffic. While if you go for the SEO option, your efforts would be long-lasting with some great results.

Is SEO crucial for online stores?

Certainly yes! You are incorporating keywords into your content that has attracted the traffic. The internet users are in search of the words they are looking for – although no one forced them to look for those words. That is why business owners must listen to the needs of their audience. Use listening tools – and also analyze what the leads are talking about your brand and your products. It would help you to power up your SEO e-commerce strategy. Likewise, if your audience is searching for snoop dogg jackets – make sure you provide every detail that is required. From price to where they can order such jackets. But don’t forget to add CTA options on your website. It would help you build a gap between your audience and your brand!

9 Best practices for SEO Ecommerce

In a cyber-world – having a Search engine optimized site helps one to stand out.
But it is not always the case. There are times when you have to apply some of the best SEO practices to your website. Mainly search engines consider looking after content ranking and how the links are added to the text. But they also focus on a few different aspects. To attract many leads to your website, you have to go through the steps we have penned down below.

Quality Content

The foremost goal of search engines is to come up with informative content.
They believe, that an internet user only clicks on web pages when he is in search of an answer. And to get the most out of this fact, search engines want the content to be tailored according to the requirements of the audience. As you are offering products and services through an online store – make sure to solve as many queries as you can of the viewers. You can also add FAQs at the end of your content – that’ll also do great!

Add detailed product descriptions

Another powerful step towards success is to add comprehensive descriptions to your products or services. It will not only help you increase the traffic to your site but also people would know everything before buying a product. But adding the right keywords – is extremely important while you work on product descriptions. Your provided details must highlight all the features that your service or products are offering. It depends on how you evaluate a product. If you think it offers many features then your content must be well-structured to gain many eye-rolls. But if a product doesn’t demand much description, then you can keep it concise and brief! Moreover, if you are selling replicas of lil Peep outfits, then make sure to mention the fabric material. Not only that, but you would have to add minute details about the types of cuffs, collar, front closure, and even pockets!

Design a unique blog

If you have not created your blog, and you are selling your products – it won’t take you much ahead! HubSpot shares statistics on how the companies sharing 15 or more blogs get a greater number of organic traffic to their website. Moreover, blogs are the best friend of any business. They are an outstanding source to post content relevant to what you are offering.

The plus point is, that you will post blogs on your website. And therefore, have more chances to drive organic traffic to your digital store. Not only that, but it will also allow you to have a strong presence where you can demonstrate your brand like never before. You can add keywords in Title Tags, H2, H3, and H4 tags. You can also sprinkle keywords on your product description, the Alt text of attached images, and even meta descriptions.

Compare keywords with competitor’s research

You can leverage the websites of your opponents if they appear higher in search results than you do to get keyword suggestions. Enter your keyword into Google first, then select a competitor and look through their website for prospective keywords. But you must not use all the similar keywords that are incorporated in their website even though they outranked you!

Incorporate long-tail keywords

Add a site structure

Use long-tail keywords instead of targeting shorter ones. Internet users tend to search for keywords that are some sort of statements or sentences in a form of a query. Like it can be, “How to make a presence in the online stores?” If you will target such keywords they’ll add value to your website by increasing high-quality organic traffic.

A good way to organize your website is to have a site structure.
This structure means having a website hierarchy including different sections, categories, and pages. It also reflects on how search crawlers and internet users navigate between your website’s pages. This site structure assists Google to know the context of your topics and subtopics running under different pages.

Work on link-building strategy

Having backlinks from higher DA websites adds significance to the ranking factor. However, link-building isn’t an easy task. One must be proficient in collaborating with famous influencers and convince them to add a link to your blog or site on their website. You can also take a hint from your competitor’s site. Check from where they are getting their links from and you are ready to level up the game!

Upgrade your social proof

As we are living in a digital era, where giving social proof is getting eminent.
The way, clients talk about a brand and dropping reviews can increase sales. So, always make sure you are allowing your customers a place where they can add they’re happy reviews. It will attract new customers to your products – so make sure to provide exactly what you have promised them to give!

Use-friendly site

Make sure you are having a user-friendly site. You can magnify user experience by working on a good website design. Also, add aesthetic visuals to your website that attracts your visitors while providing them with a full experience! Some of the features of a good site include quick loading, being mobile-friendly, and being less wordy. Oh, also don’t forget to include CTAs for the best result!


The most challenging part to run a digital store – is knowing how online stores can drive organic traffic. If you have been facing similar trouble, then fret not. We the “Celebrity Jacket” have provided all the basic steps you can follow to have great organic traffic to your web pages or site. Let us know in how many days did you start noticing positive changes by incorporating your SEO strategy.

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