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E-cycle Accessories: What Should You Know?

You thought that you wanted to get something that gets you to places in an effective, healthy and efficient manner. And so, you decided to get yourself an electric bike. You talked to your friends and acquaintances and with proper assistance you bought a smart and exciting electric bike. But you have only just started. Now comes the absolutely hard part: which electric bike accessories are you going to require to completely enjoy the ebike lifestyle? It is mainly , when you are simply considering comfort, overall style, maintenance, safety and more.

Well, since you are an electric bike owner now, get yourself a superb set of e cycle accessories  that are essential. Once you have the right and effective electric bike accessories, you can be definite that your electric bike runs smoothly a defectively. Once you have the right accessories with you, you are going to be sure that your trips and journeys are much more exciting, safe, effective and quick. So, here are some of the many accessories that you being an electric bike owner should have.

Get yourself spare batteries 

Well , the most distinctive feature of the electric -bike and the one that distinguishes it between the humble bicycle, is its overall electric motor. To keep your electric bicycle absolutely powering along in the best possible condition, you may require to stock up with the right kinds of batteries. You know lithium-ion batteries, the kind you may find in your laptop, phone and iPod, are the most commonly type of used in the world of electric bicycles. This is specifically down to them being easier to attach to diverse bike frames because of their dainty size, and partially even because of their capability to hold more charge cycles’   essentially how many times a battery can actually be recharged without losing efficiency.

There is electric -bikes that actually make use of nickel or even lead acid batteries, but by and large your principled steed will run on lithium-ion. The size of which is going to rely on the type of electric -bike you are making use of. For the E mountain bikers or users among you, you’ll want a battery that actually gets you sufficient ‘oomph’ to simply get around the steep slopes, but you won’t want to sacrifice any sort of weight. For road-use, you may probably need a battery with as much capacity as that of possible to survive the regular commute. The higher the wattage is going to be , the more power you are probably to get. You can get or buy batteries with as little as 24V, or as much as that of 48V – these higher-range batteries can actually weigh over 3kg’s. Remember, in case the batteries run flat, then you would have to lug around that additional weight! By keeping a spare, fully-charged type of battery on you on your journey you are always prepared. 

Good quality Sprays

The emergence of the E-bike has fetched about a number of specific issues linked to maintenance. The electric bicycle market encompasses their own range of particular sprays and lubricants to keep your wheels in that of tip-top shape. E-bike lubes are specifically designed to endure the higher torque as well as pressure output from the drivetrains of electric bicycles.

You should know that a well-lubricated bike is a healthy type of bike as they say, so to keep your beloved e-machine in tip-top and effective condition, you would require to look after it. Now, in case you are already a keen cyclist you would know all about how to rightly lubricate your chain and when you must do so. Cleaning your electric -bike is relatively the same. You must purchase a dry, wax-based type of lube and  for the other weather what it is, a wet, oil-based lubricants.

You will also be in a position to find a connection spray which is specifically designed to guard the ports on your E-bike against any sort of corrosion, which can be quite useful. The prime thing to consider though is how you actually clean your electric bike. While they could be just fine to ride in the wet, electricity and water mostly don’t really blend , so evade using a pressure washer as this might actually force water into seals, eradicate essential grease and harm the electrical components. Rather lightly soak the bike with that of a wet sponge, apply some de-greaser, give it some sort of a scrub and then dry off gently with a clean towel. 

Lifter clamp stand

It is possible that electric  bike is one of the finest investments you ever make, but it is also understandable that they may not be the most inexpensive. With some ranges tilting the scales in up of a thousand pounds, you would may wish to make sure every inch of your kit is in proper working order. This is where actually the added-weight of the electric species is actually compelling the bicycle market to simply adapt.

The normal weight of a standard E-bike is nearly 20kg, that is actually a lot of equipment to be lifting up to take a quick look at – and frankly – the overall stand you use to rest your beloved feather-light road racer on is not really going to cut it.

For the electric -mountain bike riders among you mainly , you are actually going to need a work stand to that of your garden shed into your very own type of repair shop. Grab yourself a specific stand  that could be either of the two-legged or that of three-legged variety – that can conveniently support the weight of your machine. Many of these are actually powered by electricity themselves and as such can be somewhat quite costly, but to keep your investment safe it could even be a price worth paying.


To sum up, whether e bike lock, stand or any other accessories for your electric bike; they make all your journeys fruitful and smooth. Do not miss out on the accessories that are absolutely essential for you.

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