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Dos and don’ts of Dubai evening safari

Camping is quite difficult in the United States Emirates, despite the fact that UAE is an enjoyable, charming, and safe area to spend outdoor nights. The weather is hot in the summer.

In winter, a beautiful and chill climate is ideal for camping. Traveling to Dubai would be incomplete without a desert safari, but if you are visiting for the first time, a desert safari would be difficult for you.

Depending on the desert safari, your trip will last from 4 and 18 hours. You will be able to participate in several sand activities in the Arabian desert during this period. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you will need to know how to prepare for your trip. However, if you want to camp overnight, the experience will be unforgettable. You should be prepared for any tour before going on it, not just a desert safari so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

You must prepare yourself before the trip begins, or you may come to regret not taking the desert safari tour. Here is some desert safari Dubai do’s and don’ts for your guidance and support.

1.       Take motion sickness medicine with you:

Since you’ve prepared yourself for the craziest and most exciting journey of your life, you will not want your illness to spoil your best adventure. Whether you feel sick or not, you should have motion sickness medication with you like many people who think they are fine, relaxed, and comfortable end up getting sick during or after exciting activities like dune bashing, quad biking, and others.

Although the tour guide or desert safari company employees may provide certain types of first aid pills, it is recommended that the visitor should carry any medicine that he/she may require.

2.       Packing Light:

This tip applies to all the tours that involve traveling, not just the desert safari tours. As carrying highly loaded luggage will distract from the amazing desert safari Dubai experience, this advice is essential for the special adventure. At dune bashing, camel riding, and other adventurous sports, your hand-carry will be an irritation. Therefore, you should only pack the necessary item and avoid overloading your luggage.

3.       Do not Overeat Before the Tour:

You don’t want to become sick on your Dubai desert safari tour. Not only being unwell or feeling horrible can ruin your desert safari trip, but it will also leave a bad impact on your amazing memory.

4.       Do Not Wear Extra Clothes:

People are terrified by the prospect of being tortured by continuous desert winds when going on a desert safari. Most travellers bring a bag full of inner shirts and jackets and layer up with several clothes in response to their concern. Although it appears to be practical thing, the truth is the opposite. This is because of the reason that your desert trip will primarily consist of walking and continual movement.

Wearing too many clothes or carrying a hefty suitcase will not only make things difficult for you, but it will also make you appear foolish. Furthermore, since the deserts can get extremely hot at times, it is strongly advised that you dress in light clothing and footwear.

5.       Stay Hydrated:

The thrilling action and daring activities might create a lot of sweating, so it’s crucial to stay hydrated. It is crucial as the desert temperatures are higher than you may be familiar with. This can lead to dehydration and excessive moisture loss. Drink water now and again, but refrain from doing so if you are experiencing shortness of breath.

6.       Pay Attention to Your Instructor:

The majority of people get caught up in the thrill and end up risking their safety. Remember that nothing is more important than your safety. It’s not a wise idea to ignore the instructions given to you.

As a result, it’s advised that you participate in adventurous activities under the supervision of your instructor and avoid any risky activities.


While there are many more tips for staying safe and making your experience memorable, these are the most important ones to get you ready for your desert safari. By following them, you will be able to have the best time of your life, away from worldly affairs, exploring nature in its rawest form.

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