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Discover What To Study To Be An Expert In Digital Marketing

In the midst of the digital era, knowing the new marketing strategies, managing social networks perfectly or knowing how to measure your results will open the doors of many companies for you.

Do you want to enter the world of Marketing? Don’t know what it takes to study Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Surely you know many more things about Digital Marketing than you imagined. But there is a question that resonates in our heads, what is the difference between traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing? Let’s see how they differ.

  • Traditional marketing: your focus is on sales, focusing your efforts on the product or service. It usually makes use of channels such as direct sales, press, radio, television, events, printed material, etc.
  • Digital marketing: its objective is to achieve direct communication with users and their needs. And for this, it is based on a strategy that uses tools from the digital world. Use channels such as web pages, social networks, CRM, landing pages or e-mail marketing.

That is, traditional Marketing carries out massive campaigns to an undifferentiated public. While Digital Marketing directs campaigns to a specific audience that is already looking for what you are selling.

Is the difference between traditional and digital Marketing clear to you? Do you opt for the second? Let’s see what it takes to study Digital Marketing.

What is needed to study Digital Marketing?

One of the great advantages of online digital marketing course is that it allows you to work in different positions. But with one thing in common, the possibility of showing you’re most creative side, developing your skills and being versatile. Among the positions you can perform are:

  • Development and management of websites and blogs
  • Social media
  • copy writing
  • Web Analytics
  • Online advertising
  • SEO and SEM

Among many!

And now yes, what studies do I need to access these positions? These are some of the studies that will guide your professional career towards Digital Marketing:

  • Degree in Marketing / Degree in Commerce and Marketing. Obviously, it will be one of the courses that will guide you the most towards the world of marketing.
  • Advertising and Public Relations. Remember that one of the 4Ps of Marketing is advertising. If you train in advertising and public relations you will learn the art of communication oriented to this field.

There are other related careers, which include aspects of Marketing in their training program, such as Communication or Business Administration and Management in the business field.

In the case of the FPII, Senior Technician in Marketing and Advertising

As for postgraduate training, there are courses and master’s degrees aimed at this sector. For example, Marketing Management, Digital Marketing and Community Management, Sports Marketing, among others.

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Eleena Wills
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