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Best White Vertical Radiators of 2022: An Ultimate Guide

For many homeowners, white vertical radiators are not only a brilliant, genius way to heat spaces with large ceiling gaps, but they are also a great way to stylise your home. Their pristine white goes well with any kind of interior design theme, meaning you won’t be running the risk of buying a radiator that won’t suit your home’s stylistic vision.

If you are looking for a radiator that is a bit different but will adequately heat your home, then vertical radiators are a fantastic choice.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the best white vertical radiator options out there in 2022.

Trade Direct Nevo White Designer Vertical Radiator


Trade Direct are a well-known brand that provides quality, efficiency and affordability with their radiator units. 

The Nevo Designer, Vertical radiator range is just one range of radiators that Trade Direct offers that’ll not only heat your home but heat it while looking spectacular. Gone are the days of a radiator being an eyesore.

The Nevo range comes in all different sizes, but the most common model is the 800mm x 272mm model. It has a BTU of 1338 and a wattage of 392W. That isn’t to mention that it comes with a 15-year year guarantee. 

Perfect for heating a range of spaces!

Nordic 2 Column White Vertical Radiator

Another exceptional brand to consider is Nordic and its range of vertical radiators. The brand provides various radiator options (not just vertical) and is known within the radiator industry for stocking some excellent units.

The 2-column profile of the Nordic radiator is great for compact spaces or small rooms with tall ceilings. One of the smallest of their range (the 1800mm x 159 mm unit) is ideal for places like stairwells due to its compact horizontal measurements.

This specific model clocks in a BTU of 1269 and wattage of 372W. It may be small, but it provides ample power for heating all kinds of spaces.

Most Nordic radiators will come with a 10-year guarantee but do check when you buy!

Reina Flat Designer Vertical White Radiator

Among the radiator brand giants is Reina, a designer radiator brand hailing from the UK. Like most radiator brands, Reina provides a varied selection of radiators to fit all kinds of rooms and spaces in homes and businesses. Part of that range is their flat white designer vertical radiator range.

Much like Nordic’s 2-column radiator model, this type of radiator fits in well for spaces that are tight on, well, space! Think of spaces like cupboards, bathrooms and kitchens with high ceilings or stairwells. What is different about this model is its flat surface, making it a truly great option for small spaces.

For this kind of radiator unit, you’ll be looking at a BTU of around 1365 and a wattage of around 400W. Again, like Nordic, Reina provides a 10-year guarantee on all their new radiators – but always check with your merchant beforehand!

Trade Direct’s Vertical Saturn White Radiator

Needing another entry on this list is definitely Trade Direct. Their versatility as a radiator manufacturer cannot be overstated, and their Saturn range is a prime example of why.

The Saturn range is another designer range of vertical radiators from Trade Direct and is categorised by its sleek look, oval radiator columns, and exceptional efficiency.

Designed to blend with a host of modern interior design aesthetics, these radiators provide all the heat you need and do so in a subtle yet aesthetically beneficial way.

The Saturn range comes with a whole array of sizes, but one of their more common sizes is the 800mm x 348mm unit that packs a punch for its size. With a BTU of 1143 and a wattage of 335W, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a radiator that looks this good and radiates this well.

And with Trade Direct, you’ll receive a huge 15-year-long guarantee on all Saturn models. 

Some Notable White Vertical Radiator Mentions

When it comes to our breakdown of some of the best white vertical radiators out there in 2022, we will inevitably be unable to go into detail about every single one of them. So, before you go, here are some notable mentions worth considering:

  • The Reina Neva Vertical Designer Radiator Range
  • Nordic 3-Column Vertical Radiator Range
  • Reina Colona 2-Column Vertical Radiator Range
  • Apollo Roma 3-Column Vertical Radiator Range
  • Apollo Monza Aluminium 2-Column Vertical Radiator Range

To Conclude

Choosing a new radiator is no easy feat. You’ll need to consider the BTU and if it matches your space. You’ll also need to consider the wattage, material, placement in your home, and how it’ll look after installation.

Only you’ll know what brand and design will suit your needs. Just be sure to consult a professional before making your final purchase!



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