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8 Oil Painting Techniques Beginners and Pros Should Know

Oil painting is a well-known art form with a long history. This medium is still very popular today, as many of the greatest artists in the world have used it to create their masterpieces. Oil painting is a popular choice for professionals looking to learn new techniques or if you’ve ever considered painting.

Do not let oil paint maintenance discourage you from using this medium. Oil paints have many benefits that artists still use. They are rich in color and provide a beautiful finish. Oil paints can take time to dry so you have time to modify your artwork once you’ve done your initial brush stroke. For painting you need good brushes(most of the time) so do you know where to buy rosemary brushes in USA?

These techniques will show you how to paint oil using these techniques

Once you have the basics of tools, it is time to get started. These are the essential oil painting techniques you need to know.


Glazing is the process of applying a thin layer of transparent or semi-transparent to a surface. Each coat of paint will change the appearance of the previous color and create a multifaceted hue.

Turpentine (or something like it) can be used to thin the oil paint. Flaxseed oil can be used as an alternative. Flaxseed oil will give your pigment shine, and not turpentine which can dull it.


A blank canvas or page is the most daunting thing about painting. Underpainting or Underpainting solves this problem. It is the first layer of paint that is applied to a surface. It acts as a guideline for the rest and determines the values and tones.

Underpainting involves thinning your paint. Next, you will need to sketch out the major parts of your composition using different colors. You can block out areas like the hills and trees by painting the sunset. These will be darker than your sky. This way, when you are ready to paint the canvas, it will be easy to know where to place it.


The painting process takes a long time. You need to allow the paint to dry completely before you apply another layer of pigment. The all prim method does the opposite. This style uses fresh paint to cover the paint that has not dried on the canvas.


Although the palette knife is commonly used to mix paints, you can also use it to apply pigment to your canvas. You can make textured strokes with the knife depending on its shape. This technique is ideal for creating abstract images and angular marks due to its sharp edges.


Consider all the times that you have seen Van Gogh’s paintings. Notice how every stroke was visible and how the paint stood out against the surface? This technique is impasto and you can copy it. Apply the paint in thick layers with a brush and a lot of paint. Mixing colors on the canvas is a better option than using a palette knife.


Grisaille oil painting technique that uses gray shades or another neutral (but still grayish) color to complete an image. This technique was popularized in the Renaissance as it resembled sculpture but was much cheaper. This monochrome technique is now more like black and white photography than sculpture.


Similar to underpainting, blocking can be used when you start a painting. With thinned paint, you can begin by applying the colors and shapes to the canvas using a large brush. This will help you create a plan for your painting and ensure that all the elements are in harmony. Then you can add color to the image and refine it further. Or, you can let some of the block paintings stand out to showcase the original energy.


Chiaroscuro is a term that refers to the harmony between light and shadow in a painting or drawing. It comes from the Italian chiaroscuro. Since it is associated with oil painting, it is often associated with it. Rembrandt and Caravaggio are two of the most well-known artists who have used this technique.

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