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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Urologist

Out of the many streams of medicine, you’ll see today, urology is one of the oldest, dating back to the time of pharaohs, pyramids, and ancient Greek marketplaces.  

While today’s urologists don’t examine your urine for signs of disease, it’s still essential to head to a urologist when you need one, or you could end up with a debilitating condition. The question is, how can you know when the time is right?  

We’re going to help you answer precisely that, as well as answer a question most of you must be wondering by now: 

Exactly what does a urologist treat? 

5 Conditions Treated By a Urologist 

Urinary Tract Infections: UTIs occur when bacteria enter the bladder through the urethra. You need to see a urologist get started on a urology treatment course of antibiotics.  

Kidney Stones: These are a buildup of minerals and salts that harden, becoming painful to pass. You’ll need medication and lots of water to pass a kidney stone. 

Prostate Cancer: While a deadly disorder, prostate cancer can be successfully treated if detected early by a urologist.  

Enlarged Prostate: An enlarged prostate can cause significant discomfort during urinating by blocking urine flow.  

Erectile Dysfunction: If you’re suffering from ED, we recommend talking with your urologist about the cause of erectile dysfunction. 

And now that we have a basic idea of what a urologist can do for you, it’s time to talk about the main topic here:  

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Urologist 

The thing that holds most people back from visiting a urologist is that it’s never a pleasant experience most of the time. 

You’re going to the professional about a problem. More likely than not, the cure will involve a significant bit of pain.  

However, if you remember to schedule an appointment when you need one and get your condition checked out, you could save yourself a lot of pain. 

That’s why to help you out, we’ve assembled a list of 7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Urologist as soon as possible: 

  1. You’re Suffering From a UTI That Won’t Go Away 

Urinary Tract Infections are up there as some of the most painful conditions you can contract.  

You can know you have a UTI when you feel a burning sensation in your urinary tract when urinating. It could also be a sign of Interstitial Cystitis, a condition that feels like a UTI but without an actual infection to accompany it.  

Regardless of the underlying condition, if you feel a burning sensation when peeing, it’s time to visit the urologist.  

  1. The Possibility of a Kidney Stone 

Kidney stones have lots of easily identifiable symptoms, like: 

  • Cloudy or discolored urine,  
  • Blood in your urine,  
  • Foul-smelling urine, 
  • And the pain in your lower back.  

Kidney stones are nothing to joke about and can cause endless pain if not treated as soon as possible. Even if you’re experiencing only one of these symptoms, it’s better to be safe than sorry, as kidney stones are what urologists treat.  

  1. You Find Yourself Urinating a Lot 

If you’re urinating more than eight times a day, that could be a sign of conditions like Urinary Incontinence or Overactive Bladder Syndrome (the same one we were talking about above). 

A urologist can help you with the diet and lifestyle habits recommended to patients suffering from these. 

  1. You’re Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction 

While it’s undoubtedly embarrassing when it happens unexpectedly, Erectile dysfunction can also be a sign of an underlying condition.  

To find out what’s causing it, a visit to the urologist is reasonably necessary. He might prescribe erectile dysfunction treatment like Vidalista tablets. 

  1. You’re Concerned About Your Fertility (For Men) 

Couples who have been trying to conceive a child for more than six months might be facing problems from conditions like low sperm motility or low sperm production. A urologist does several lab tests to gauge your fertility.  

  1. You’re Experiencing Pelvic Pain 

Pelvic pain can occur from one of many sources, like: 

  • Interstitial Cystitis,  
  • Prostate Inflammation,  
  • Prostate Infection, 
  • And even bladder cancer. 

In the case of pelvic pain, a urologist can help you understand the underlying cause and then prescribe the correct treatment before the condition gets any worse.  

  1. You Feel Extreme Pain in Your Testicles 

Testicular pain and lumps are both symptoms of a testicular mass, a condition that can prove to be a deadly harbinger of testicular cancer. If you’re feeling pain in your testicles, book an appointment with a professional urologist as soon as possible! 

The Takeaway: Better to be Safe Than Sorry 

What matters most is your health.  

Even if you feel hesitant, you must pick yourself up and head out to the urologist. Everything a urologist deals with (and yes, even erectile dysfunction) can be symptoms of a much worse underlying disease! 

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