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7 Best Fake GPS Location Apps for Android

Thanks to the wonders of satellite technology, pinpointing your exact location is easier than ever. GPS technology, combined with apps like Google Maps, makes it incredibly easy to find your coordinates or get an accurate route to your home, place of work, or nearest store. Unfortunately, this level of accuracy comes with one big downside: privacy. If you don’t want your friends and family to track your location, you can create a fake GPS location on Android devices using third party apps, but this is not possible on iPhone. To help you, here are the seven best GPS spoofing apps for Android.

Mock GPS With Joystick

If you are looking for a fast and easy to use GPS spoofer for Android, then Mock GPS With Joystick can be your app. This free GPS spoofer guides you through what you need to do to set up location spoofing on Android as soon as you launch it, including granting the app the necessary permissions.

Like most GPS spoofing apps, the interface is simple. It offers a Google Maps viewfinder to find and pinpoint a location for your fake location. Once you find it, the app’s Joystick Mode lets you navigate to that location in real time—at least that’s what your device thinks.

All in all, it is a travel spoofing app and also a location spoofer. You can move from the place you have indicated, or you can stay where you are. The choice is yours.

Mock Locations

Like Mock GPS With Joystick, Mock Locations is an app that is part travel spoofer, part location spoofer. This is probably one of the best apps on this list with an easy to use interface that uses Google Maps data to help you change your location or plan a fake travel route.

You can use it to create timings to pause on a fake route, change your speed, and even avoid curves in the road to mimic real speeds while transporting.

Of course, if you want to instantly move to a completely new location, Mock Locations will let you do that too. Like Mock GPS With Joystick, Mock Locations will tell you what you need to do to set up GPS spoofing on Android.

This app offers a 24 hour trial period before you have to pay for unlimited access with an in-app purchase.

Fake GPS – ByteRev

Simply named Fake GPS is exactly what you need: it’s an easy-to-use GPS spoofer for Android devices that uses the Google Maps viewfinder to help you find and fake various locations on your device.

With over 5 million installs, this app makes it very easy to create your fake GPS location with your Android. You can keep the usual places in your favorites list or randomize your moves using the app’s built-in settings.

If you’re having trouble launching anything, you can even use ADB commands to control the app and make your location even more accurate, right from your PC or Mac.

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer

Don’t let the confusing name confuse you because the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer app is one of the best GPS spoofing apps you can use on Android. As the name suggests, this is perfect for users who want to try a fake GPS location for Pokemon Go and other Android apps and games that use your location.

This app is offered for free, with features in line with others on this list, including direct location spoofing, location history, and favorites lists. For paid users, things get a lot more interesting.

If you upgrade to the Pro version, you can simulate entire rides with adjustable speed and joystick for manual movement. As with fake locations, you can also set stop points along the fake route for a more realistic location spoof.

For Pokemon fans, this app also includes Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops locations where you can find your favorite characters. In the end, you have to catch them all, but who said you have to leave your house to do that?

GPS Emulator – RosTeam

If you want a simple GPS spoofer for Android, then the GPS Emulator app might be an option if the other apps on this list don’t work. This completely free app allows you to fake your Android GPS location using the built-in Google Maps viewfinder with a handy search bar to help you find the places you recognize.

The interface is easy to use, with buttons at the bottom of the app to pin your fake location or stop spoofing entirely. You can switch the map view to various modes, including satellite or terrain, to discover new places outside of typical urban areas.

There are no additional settings or features to worry about – it’s a simple location spoofer that should help you move your location from A to B on your device.

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Fake GPS Location – Hola

If you want to hide completely, you can combine a GPS spoofer with a VPN app to hide your IP address. Fake GPS Location is an application provided by the VPN provider itself – Hola VPN.

Like the other GPS spoofers on this list, this app gives you the ability to fake your location with a handy search bar or map viewfinder. If you want to hide the places you’ve been looking for, you can quickly clear your location history in the app for added security.

This app might work well if you’re a Hola VPN customer, but it’s also completely free to use for other users. You can also combine it with another VPN provider to provide extra protection from anyone snooping on your privacy.

Fake GPS Location – Lexa

The Fake GPS Location app from the developer Lexa offers great GPS spoofing capabilities. It offers live location spoofing that users may need, but it also offers some advanced features for professional users.

For example, you can combine it with the Tasker automation app to automatically generate fake locations. If you’re approaching a certain place, you can set this app to mimic your location to hide where you’re going.

Like the other apps on this list, you can search for locations, manually pin the built-in viewfinder, or view a list of past dummy locations. There is no cost involved for this – this spoofing app is completely free.

Keeping Your Location Safe on Android Devices

By installing fake GPS location apps, you can hide your location from anyone who wants to see it. Whether it’s your family you’re hiding from, or if you’re just trying to hide your location from data-hungry apps on your phone, these apps make it easy to spoof GPS on Android.



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