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5 Tips for Picking the Best Property Insurance Deal for Your Business

Having the right property insurance is vital for business owners, no matter how small or big your operations. Whether you’re running an Airbnb, operating a retail store or managing a church, insurance coverage for your property protects you against liabilities. But, how comprehensive does your coverage need to be? 

While a short-term rental landlord would benefit from Airbnb insurance, the same package wouldn’t necessarily be right for your church or brick-and-mortar store. Keep reading if you’re trying to identify the best coverage deal for your entity. 

5 Tips for Picking the Best Insurance Deal for Your Business

1. Familiarise Yourself With the Different Types of Property Insurance

Property insurance gives the policyholder protection against damages caused by a number of factors. Familiarising yourself with the different types of property insurance available will help you decide which coverage will adequately cover your individual business needs. Insurance policies can include:

  • Accidental loss or damage to your property
  • Malicious vandalism to your premises
  • Fire, storm or lightning protection
  • Damage to infrastructure

A property insurance policy reimburses you the cost of repairs or replacement. It gives you protection against liability claims if someone is injured on your premises and decides to sue you. Knowing which events aren’t covered in a property insurance policy will help you decide if it’s necessary to add extra protection when signing a deal with an insurer. Consider worst case scenarios, so you can have peace of mind no matter what happens.

2. Find Out if It’s Mandatory to Have Property Insurance

Not all businesses need to take out insurance. However, it’s highly recommended if you want to avoid facing expensive legal costs that could lead to closing down your company. Also, property insurance coverage is mandatory for some industries. Finding out what insurance is compulsory will narrow down your search when deciding on the best deal for your property.

Mandatory state laws aren’t the only reasons you need to consider compulsory property insurance. Mortgage lenders, landlords and clients can request you take out insurance to protect you and them from liabilities, damage or loss to their properties. 

3. Know Your Industry and Location Risks

Each industry has its specific risks. Accountants could be sued for making a financial mistake that costs their clients billions. Airbnb owners need to weigh up the risks of physical property damage or loss incurred by rowdy or inconsiderate guests! Weighing up industry and location risks of your business type is vital if you want to get the best coverage deal.

Evaluating the risks will point you in the right direction when approaching an insurer to discuss your unique needs. It does require one to think of everything that could go wrong. Even consider the following potential risks:

  • Catastrophic weather events such as earthquakes and tsunamis
  • Explosions
  • Burglary
  • Construction work

In countries such as Australia, an estimated 325.5 million AUD in commercial building claims were paid out in the past year because of fire events. Risks such as wildfires can leave your business exposed to huge costs if not covered adequately. So being realistic about all potential problems is vital.

4. Prioritise Coverage When Looking at Premiums Costs

Getting the right balance between how much you pay for insurance premiums and your available budget isn’t always easy. Business insurance seems like an unnecessary cost, especially when starting up a new company. But, can you afford the financial damage if an unfortunate event results in costly medical or repair bills? 

Be careful of the following:

  • Cheaper policies that offer limited coverage
  • Underestimating the necessity of adequate business coverage to reduce premiums 
  • Taking out policies with higher deductibles will lower the fees payable but could harm you later when you need to find the money to compensate for the loss

Strike the right balance and rather pay a bit more for optimal coverage and the best protection. This will save you from being exposed which could result in you closing down your business and incurring debts. 

5. Work With a Reputable Insurance Company

Working with a reputable insurer will ensure you cover all the necessary requirements while getting a cost-effective deal. When looking for an insurance company, identify the following:

  • Positive customer reviews: Do some online research and find out if other customers are satisfied with the service they got from an insurer. 
  • Ratings: Companies with a high rating are usually financially stable, prompt with payouts and offer reliable coverage. 
  • Industry-specific: Working with an insurer who understands your industry’s unique needs reassures you that you get the best coverage and proper advice.

Working with an expert you trust reduces the stress of handling property insurance on your own.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a church insurance company or need an insurer to protect your Airbnb business, make sure you know what you need before picking the right coverage deal. A professional insurer who has your best interest at heart will point you in the right direction. But, informing yourself beforehand empowers you to understand and ask the right questions when discussing the best coverage deal for your unique needs.  



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