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8 Top Online Marketplaces to Buy and Sell on in Australia

Quite possibly the biggest advantage of the internet is the invention of online shopping. Add the concept of marketplaces and your buying and selling options are almost infinite. No matter what you’re looking to buy or sell, chances are very strong that you’ll find it on an online marketplace. 

Whether you’re looking for a wedding dress or a mini excavator for sale, online marketplaces are often many people’s first port of call. If you’re new to the marketplace scene, then this article is a must-read. We highlight the top marketplace sites where you can buy and sell just about anything online. 

Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Marketplaces

If you’re selling anything, chances are you already have an e-commerce store and a website dedicated to your brand or business. This might leave you thinking that it seems unnecessary to still advertise your products on different marketplaces. 

However, many companies as well as home-based businesses are reaping the rewards of listing their products on popular marketplaces. Some of these benefits include:

  • Creating considerably more exposure for your brand and products
  • Reaching the millions of customers who start their shopping experience on a marketplace site
  • Strengthening your brand on various platforms
  • Turning new shoppers into potentially loyal customers

Leading Marketplaces to Consider 

With so many sites all over the internet, it can often be a stretch to figure out which one will provide you with the best products and services. Whether you’re looking for places to list items or potential platforms to explore for your next retail therapy session, our list caters for everyone. Let’s dive right in. 

  1. Catch

Established in 2006, Catch has rapidly become one of the more popular Australian-based online marketplaces. With a goal to make everyday items easily accessible and affordable to regular Australians, they currently have over 3 million active users. 

Catch is committed to providing new sellers with the required support to optimise product listings and brand promotion. Consumers can find products from a vast range of categories including groceries. 

  1. Bunnings Marketplace

If you’re a DIY enthusiast or you supply products in the home improvement range then Bunnings is the place to start. Existing in both Australia and New Zealand, it’s easy to see why this site is ranked as the top home and garden marketplace. 

Bunnings curates top brands from trusted sellers to make it easy for buyers of home and lifestyle products to find all their DIY requirements. 

  1. OZSale 

Serving over one million shoppers monthly, OZSale offers its consumers easy access to fashion brands, accessories, homewares and even beauty products. OZSale’s claim to fame is that they allow sellers of quality brands to provide price-conscious customers with a range of discounted products. 

  1. The Iconic

Any keen fashion shopper knows that The Iconic is the number one fashion and apparel marketplace site. Serving over 17 million customers monthly, The Iconic is user friendly for sellers setting up accounts. The site boasts top brands such as Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike. 

  1. MyDeal

Based in Melbourne, MYDeal is a retailer that curates over 1,000 sellers and has an average of 3.5 monthly visitors to its site. Since its creation in 2011, it has grown to be one of the largest online marketplaces in Australia. In 2020, this popular marketplace was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

  1. KOGAN

Another popular Australian online retailer is without a doubt, Kogan. It offers a wide variety of products across different categories. Kogan helps its sellers by offering an extensive suite of marketing campaigns including seasonal deals to entice potential customers. Kogan claims to excel at matching the right products with buyers searching for them. 

  1. TradeMe

TradeMe started as an auction site in 1999 and it wouldn’t have been unusual to find items such as a front end loader for sale back in the day. These days, however, Trade Me has grown into one of the biggest online marketplaces based in New Zealand. Listed as the fourth most visited site in New Zealand, it’s equally popular in Australia. 

For Australian sellers, this site is a super easy way to reach an average of 650,000 NZ shoppers every month. The onboarding process is easy for new sellers and listings are optimised for maximum effect. 

  1. Amazon

As a worldwide e-commerce giant, Amazon is equally popular in Australia. On average, the Australian side of Amazon generated sales of $883 million in 2021. With its global reach, it’s easy for sellers to reach enormous audiences. 

As a trusted platform, it’s a number one option for both buyers and sellers. With its extensive product range, buyers can get anything from wet wipes to branded t-shirts. 

Final Thought

Choosing to become a seller on any one of these marketplace options is an excellent way to reach customers you might not ordinarily have reached. For buyers, on the other hand, using a popular site gives you peace of mind that you’re buying quality products from a trusted site. Get exactly what you need from the comfort of your couch! 



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