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5 Tips for Living Well With Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are when an illness prevails in you in the long run. It can be the most common conditions prevalent, like blood pressure and diabetics, or the rare, life-threatening ones.

Chronic Care Management is crucial during these times as managing the situation decides the outcome of the healing process. Chronic Care Management can be done through facilities available for the same. Here are 5 tips to keep you on track during the tough times.


The first time when your doctor mentions that you have a chronic illness, it‘s always a haze. So many questions, so many doubts, the future comes crashing down all in a second. They advise you on what to do, how the journey will be, and about Chronic Care Management. It’s all too much to take in one go. But here’s our suggestion – a known devil is better than an unknown devil. Though ignorance is bliss, it’s better to be in a bright room than in a dark one. At least you’ll know what you’ll be facing and be prepared for it. 

Ask enough questions to your doctor and learn more about Chronic Care Management. If your doctor does not have the time to sit you through all your questions, ask them to suggest books or websites for you to read and educate yourself about your chronic illness and how to manage them. The most important advice is – DO NOT GO GOOGLING AROUND by yourself. No good comes of it, and not all cases are similar. 


It is going to be a challenging journey. Be it a light medical chronic condition or an extreme one. The journey is long and hard, and you need all the support. Cut yourself some slack wondering why all this is happening to you because it isn’t something that’s happening just to you, but commonly to more people these days.

Join a support group and meet people with similar chronic conditions. You’d find that everyone is going through or has gone through something similar in various stages in their life. Learn about how they dealt through the rough patches and learn how not to deal with it too. And let’s face it – it’s always nice to have someone to talk to who is going through something similar to you. So find yourself in a support group and make some new friends.


Loneliness. Isolation. Self-doubt. Depression. Hatred. These are all part of the journey. Now you can fight your way through them and avoid them. Or, the better journey would be to learn to accept them. 

It is OK to feel this way. It is NORMAL to feel this way.

This is the first thing you learn with Chronic Care Management – to manage your emotions. Pick any movie or book about a chronic illness, and the plot’s the same; the emotion’s the same. The truth is you are feeling all these emotions because of the illness and nothing else. Accept and learn to move along with these.

Everyone has a grieving process. Find yours, finish the grieving cycle and find things that can keep you positive. Find a new hobby to keep yourself occupied or learn to meditate. Few new things, whatever keeps you motivated. Give it all a go.


It was probably like being stuck with a bolt of lightning when you learnt about your chronic illness because you knew that the days ahead would be different from what you planned it to be. No one prepares us for a chronic illness and much less on Chronic Care Management. At least now you know that things don’t always go as we plan or expect. Here’s what you should do – list out all the things you can and cannot do. It’s okay if you will not do the things you can do – but never do the things you are advised not to do. Always track your health. Make sure to give more importance to your health and be more precautionary when planning things.


Give yourself a break. Find the light and learn to love yourself. You might think your body has betrayed you, but it’s the other way around. Your body is fighting to give you a good day, so don’t stand apart there and join the fight holding hands with your body. It’s a fight you and your body have to take together. Give it some positivity to boost. Because in the end, your mind is your health. Keep shoving those positive thoughts in and boost yourself every day.

You may think it’s easier said than done, and it is true. It is easier said than done, but here’s the thing. It is your life, and no one can live it better than you. Now, you can let the illness ruin your parade. or take back that control. With a bit of Chronic Care Management, you can be back on track and do things your way. Different from before, but your way.


Today, healthcare systems observe a boom in technology with a pressing need for effective chronic patient care. In the US, 6 in 10 have a chronic disease, while 4 in 10 suffer from two or more chronic diseases.  Although living with a chronic condition is difficult, it is possible to manage it efficiently with all the new Chronic Care Services and Remote Patient Monitoring System.  

Chronic Care Management helps the patients live a better life through dedicated care. It acts as the ideal solution by offering organized care details for different conditions on a single platform. Chronic Care Management enhances patients’ focus on their general wellness and health, reducing hospitalization and scaling care at the comfort of home.

Don’t let your sickness bear witness to your downfall.

Rise above and hold your head high.

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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