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5 Tips for Chic, Professional Summertime Looks

Summertime may mean short shorts and tank tops for many, but for those professionals that still have to make it to the office on the hottest days of the year, looking chic is a must. If you’re wondering how to keep your summer looks professional, take some cues from these five tips.

The Oversized Shirt-Dress

The office was once a place that only accepted pencil skirts and matching pantsuits, but today, there’s a little more freedom than there used to be. With high fashion getting edgier and a little more street style inspired, the oversized shirt-dress is now a work appropriate favorite. Find a versatile style that can be accessorized in a number of different ways. 

More Timeless, Less Trendy

As fun as impulse buys can be, they generally lead you to more trendy clothes that fall out of fashion as quickly as you purchase them. Instead of popping into your nearest H&M for the newest band tee or a statement necklace, opt for classics that you can wear with everything in your closet.

A brightly colored, three quarter sleeve blazer, allows you to wear an outer layer that will still keep you cool, while cropped, tailored pants look good at the office or on the street. Adding a pair of comfortable closed toe heels will ensure you’re strutting your stuff from day to night! 

Tri-Color Outfits

Mixing and matching colors and prints can be complicated, often leading to a disastrous eyesore for the inexperienced. To simplify the process, focus on mixing and matching with a maximum of three colors. Whether you’re dressing in solids or mixing patterns, keeping the colors to a minimum will keep you looking professional.

If you’re confused about which colors to pair, the easiest rule to go by is to choose complementary or analogous colors. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, while analogous colors are next to each other. Choose orange and blue for a summer-hued complementary pair or burgundy, red, and orange for an analogous trio.

Show Skin Strategically

It’s tempting to wear less and less as the weather heats up, but the line between chic and trashy is a thin one. Instead of wearing all your summer clothes at once, pair your pieces carefully. If you choose a particularly short skirt, opt for a shirt with sleeves. Perhaps you prefer a scoop neck tank; wearing cropped pants or a knee length a-line skirt would be the best choice.

Summer Colors


Some people don’t feel that bright colors are particularly professional. Even in the summer, there are lots of professionals who choose to wear black, white, navy, or nude hues. If you’re a lover of subdued neutrals, consider spicing up your color scheme with more colorful accessories. Shoes, purses, and jewelry in brighter tones will add a little bit of cheer to your ensembles while ensuring you always look chic and classy.

Get Dressed and Get Going!

While summertime opens the door for many of your favorite bright colors and skin-baring pieces, it’s important to keep your looks chic and professional. Follow these tips and discover how easy it is to look amazing every day!



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