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5 Benefits of Attending an International Summit

Summer is approaching, which means that soon various conferences will follow one after another. Sometimes 2-3 per day, and these are just IT ones. Thanks to new technologies, it is possible to participate in conferences, make presentations, receive training, and exchange information without leaving the office. At the same time, significant time is saved, but no technology can replace live communication. Here are the main benefits of direct participation in business conferences, exhibitions, and other similar events.


At many conferences, there is an opportunity to learn something new. And although business conferences are often broadcast online, certain information can only be obtained by being face to face with the interlocutor. Participation in the conference will give you the opportunity to feel the general atmosphere of the event through visual cues and other non-verbal elements. 

You will be able to see, touch and absorb new information that is not available through the Internet. However, recording conferences will also be useful to you, because. sometimes you want to be present on several parallel tracks at the same time, which, alas, is impossible live.


Another advantage of attending conferences, such as CIO conferences is the opportunity to expand your contacts in a similar industry. You will be able to communicate with colleagues, exchange useful information and get to know other participants. You may want to organize a joint venture or be able to attract referrals. In addition, you will be able to ask questions to the speakers, exchange ideas, and develop them. Informal communication between conference participants is simply priceless.


If you’re going to a conference about topics, products, or services that can help improve your business, it’s likely that your competitors will be there as well. Such events provide an opportunity to get to know your competitors better, as well as to collect information about the strengths and weaknesses of their business. And this can make you more competitive in the market.


You can also participate in the conference as a vendor. This will not only strengthen your business relationships but will also give you the opportunity to present your products to ideal customers. This kind of direct marketing targeting a target audience that is in learning mode is almost impossible to do anywhere else. In addition, you will be able to conduct the necessary market research and learn more about your target audience.

Creativity and innovation

In order to stay in good shape, you need to rest periodically. Of course, you can (and should) take a vacation or a day off, but, as you know, the best vacation is a change of activity, and participation in the conference comes in handy here. A change of scenery to an environment rich in learning and communication opportunities will help awaken your creativity, give impetus to new ideas and innovative ways of working.

Participating directly in the conference ensures that you return home with valuable contacts, new tools and approaches that will benefit your business.

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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