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4 Things To Know Before Planning To Get A Dental Implant

As the most populous city in Queensland, Brisbane is a top choice for residence in Australia. With convenient transportation options and a thriving economy, you can easily move around and visit different places. Your dentist is no exception. If you need to set an appointment to get your teeth checked and replaced, Brisbane is sure to have some of the top places to address your needs.

When it comes to tooth replacement, Denture Implants in Brisbane is a popular choice since they offer stability and function like natural teeth. As the name suggests, they are permanently placed into your jawbone to ensure that they do not come loose. If you are interested in getting them, here are some things to know beforehand to set some expectations. Also, you can go for all on four dental implants that offer a long-lasting solution to lost or failing teeth.

Amount of Bone Matters

Not everyone is a candidate for Dental Implants in Brisbane. Dentists always evaluate their patients thoroughly before declaring if the treatment is suitable for their case. One key consideration is the amount of bone you have in your jaw. In addition, the implants need something secure to attach to, so you must have sufficient jawbone to support them.

That said, your jawbone shrinks when you lose a tooth, so the longer you do not get it replaced, the higher the risk that the implant will not attach properly. To check this, your dentist will take an x-ray to see how much bone your jaw has and whether it is strong and healthy.

Process Takes Time

Getting Denture Implants is a multi-step process, not a one-time appointment. You start with consultations and check-ups to verify if you are eligible for implants. Then, the procedure itself may be done over a few appointments. In some cases, bone grafting may be done before the implant placement. After, you will need to wait months to let the implant heal and fuse together with your bone.

Once you are healed, your dentist can go through with fixing the denture in place. The process will be for a year, so know that it will take time if you decide to do it.

Works like Natural Teeth

Denture Implants do not just look like natural teeth but also work like them. Since they are attached to your jawbone, you can get the same utility with biting and chewing. This means you have to take care of your implants as you would with your natural teeth with proper habits like brushing, flossing, and frequent dentist trips. Your doctor will likely ask you to get routine check-ups to make sure the implant is working well.

Helps Against Bone Loss

As mentioned earlier, your jawbone starts to recede and change shape when you lose a tooth since the missing root becomes problematic. Thus, your face and mouth may sometimes look different–almost sunken–if you do not address the issue. A major benefit is it helps guard against bone loss since they are designed to act like your natural root, which can aid in preserving the jawbone.

Like any other dental procedure, there are many things to know about getting denture implants. If you are missing a tooth and want to replace it immediately, consult with your dentist to learn about your treatment options. Ask about whether you are a good candidate for implants, what you can expect while using them, and how to do proper aftercare.



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