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Lashes Look: Some Exclusive Styles and Trends of 2021

Beauty takes different forms for different people. It is the one with a natural blend, while for others, it can be a face full of makeup with the latest beauty products in the market. Makeup is an art that can be expertise in, with proper training and experience. The ability to provide a subtle and natural look and, at the same, the skill to make art out of nothing are things worth appreciating.

About makeup, each feature of the face needs to be highlighted to enhance the overall look. For instance, there are eyelash extensions courses, face highlighting and contour emphasis and many more. All of these should highlight the features of the brow, hair and lashes.

Eye Lashes

One of the important features of face makeup is to have the perfect lashes. Long lashes can bring life into the eyes. However, one thing that can affect the prominence of lashes is age. Even though they do not grow like the hair on the head, lashes have a life cycle where they fall out, and new ones grow, but at a much shorter speed than the hairs on the head.

The styles of eyelashes change from time to time. There are many beauty products and even lash extensions to fill the fallouts for a fuller and longer eyelash. Nevertheless, there are even eyelash extensions courses exclusively for those looking at this as a career prospect.


When talking about eyelash extensions, there are different shapes, styles and sizes to choose from. It is where many people stand confused as they are not sure about what suits them. Fitting the trends of the time is also a requirement that can be tedious. Here is a list of eyelash extension trends that makes your 2021 a stylish one.

1.Hybrid Lush Lashes

This is for those who want their lashes to have a fuller look than a classic one. However, they neither provide that intense volume to the lashes that a fuller set intends to offer. Therefore, the hybrid extensions are most in the middle and so more natural.

The lash stylists can even work off to provide a seamless look and customise it based on the shape and volume requirement of the customer.

2.  Intense Volume Lashes

There would be spacing  between them when there are lash fallouts, and no amount of serum or mascara can fix this problem. The filling of the sparse area is also a complication. It is in such a situation the intense volume style can be effective.

About 3 to 8 lash extensions are attached to the natural one to give a fluffier and feathery finish. Another way this can be done is to provide it with a Hollywood type of glam. The Russian lash volume technique is used here where about five lashes are stuck together, and it is extended to about one to two millimetres. The procedure is known as the extreme lash volume technique, making it look like the user is wearing eyeliner. The original eyelash is also preserved as the volume lashes are much lighter in weight than the classic ones.

3. Textured Finish

Some people don’t like the usual plain style, be it volumised or natural. So they prefer adding some flair and texture to the extensions to give a personalised touch to the expressions. Thus, the textured look is also a trend of 2021, where the lashes are given some colours along with lengths and diameters to make it look feathery. But, at the same time, it is made sure that the lashes do not look fake.

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