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3 Outstanding Explainer Videos & Useful Tips to Make Your Own

Does your company concept, product, or service require more background information for the client to grasp it completely?

Or do you find yourself in a crowded market trying to figure out how to set your product apart?

Do you wish there were a more streamlined approach to demonstrating your worth to potential clients?

If you responded “yes” to any of these questions, an explanation video might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

The commercial impact of these videos is substantial. Take a look at some highlights from a study on the topic of video advertising:

Nearly all respondents (96%) reported seeing an explainer video to better understand a business’s offers. According to the survey, 79% of people were persuaded to purchase an app or other software after watching a marketing video.

68% of those surveyed stated they would rather watch a video than read text, 4%would rather look at an infographic, presentation, or pitch, and three percent would rather read an eBook or manual.

So now it’s pretty evident why we are recommending an explainer video. 

To offer you better insights, today in this blog, we’ll be bringing some of the best explainer videos into the spotlight and shed light on the process of explainer video production.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Remarkable Explainer Video Examples 


Basecamp demonstrates that expensive equipment or a production firm is not required to make a great explainer video. The only requirements are a simple script and clear, concise explanations of your product’s features.

Basecamp is a platform for product management, the likes of which require a presentation prior to a customer’s purchase decision.

Basecamp has produced a series of product-explanation movies that include screencasts of the application in operation to demonstrate its features.

Currently, employee-narrated screencast videos are a common business tool. In an effort to make its software more accessible and its brand more personable, Basecamp chose to include an on-screen video of Shaun Hildner, the company’s “video man.”

Shaun’s videos can be viewed on the Basecamp documentation website, which is devoted to instructing users on how to use the application.

Tommy John

Another example of a product explanation film is Tommy John’s, which features the company’s one-of-a-kind undershirt for guys.

This video is quite imaginative since it discusses pain areas that the intended audience may not be familiar with. The article suggests that men’s reluctance to don undershirts is due to their preference for wearing boring white tees rather than a stylish option.

The film warns kids that their t-shirts would eventually become extremely baggy, untuck themselves all the time, become stained with perspiration, stretch out, and need to be replaced every few months. Below, we’ll talk about how the undershirt’s design, technology, and materials deal with those issues.

The whole thing is encased in a polished, high-quality animation that shows the product in all its glory and boosts consumers’ confidence in and loyalty to the brand.


Whiteboard animation may not be as common as they once were, but some businesses still rely on them for explanation videos.

HomeSquare utilizes a whiteboard to show how its service strategy departs from what the majority of clients would anticipate.

It begins by answering some of the most pressing concerns its readers may have, like whether or not they are hiring the best individual for maintenance and whether or not they are paying too much.

The business explainer video goes on to detail the company’s detailed, real-time digital profile of each customer’s house and the novel service concept of proactively managing home maintenance concerns.

How to Make an Explainer Video in 5 Simple Steps

Making an explainer video is more of a challenging task. With the number of tools and technologies available, it can be made easily.

Let’s take a look at the process.

Choose the right video style and production technique

Choosing your video production process and style will need you to examine the following factors:

  • Which video style complements your brand, message, and audience the most
  • Your existing abilities, equipment, and resources, as well as the amount of time you have to create a video or learn how to do so
  • Your budget for purchasing new equipment and employing a skilled explainer video creator.

Let’s start by examining video production technique options. Primarily there are three options:

#1 Create your own explainer video using your own tools or by acquiring the necessary tools and resources as you go.

#2 Employ a freelancer or corporation to design and produce your entire video.

#3 Draft your own script and record the voiceover by yourself before employing assistance to animate the video.

To make a choice, you must weigh the expenses and required time. For instance, if you’re starting from scratch and have minimal video production expertise, you’ll likely require a great deal of time to learn the ropes and investigate the best tools.

The video style is also significant. A basic explainer video with screenshots or screencast and narration will require substantially less time than an animated explanation video (don’t forget hiring a professional animation artist can cost you a bomb).

There are various explainer video animation companies out there. You can hire any one of them. Just keep in mind the points we have discussed above.

Write a compelling script for your explainer video

You should know the optimal length for explainer videos is between 30 and 90 seconds. When you’re writing your script, you need to keep the time limit in your mind. 

The general rule 2 words per second.

If you have a highly complex product or business or product, you can increase the time, but it’s better to keep it short.77% of viewers watches an explanatory video for up to two and half minutes before losing interest, according to one survey.

Take a look at the suggestions for producing a bespoke script for an explainer video we have listed below:

Demonstrate to your audience that you comprehend their primary challenges and pain areas. What issues does your service or product solve for your customers?

After describing the issues, highlight your solution’s features and competitive advantages.

Try to address some of the commonly asked questions that prospective clients typically have.

Showcase the brand’s individuality. An explainer video is the best spot to flaunt something unusual or humorous.

Recording the voiceover

The next stage in creating an animated explainer or screencast video is voiceover.

Consider purchasing a nominal price microphone of good quality, such as the Blue Yeti USB Microphone, FIFINE USB Microphone, and Tonor PC Microphone.

For this particular task, it’s a good option to onboard a professional voiceover artist. You can find one from the following platforms:





Create your explainer video

If you start exploring, you will find several applications that are made to assist amateurs with low or no skills in creating their own videos. Most of them provide an extensive range of pre-built templates for an explainer video that is beautiful and vibrant. Moreover, they offer the functionality drag-and-drop as well. All these features and functionalities streamline the video creation process.

PowToon is one of the video production tools that video makers commonly use for creating amazing and fine-quality animated explainer videos. The monthly basic plan costs around $19.

PowToon offers a separate category for explainer video templates, which includes designs for video styles such as timelines, software, whiteboards, and applications.

If you want to use any other software, there are many alternatives to PowToon available such as Magisto, Whiteboard Animation, and VideoScribe.

If you are recording a live-action video, we recommend you use tools like Lightworks, Blender, or Movavi for video editing.

Share your video where it gets more views and value

Produced your very own explainer video? Kudos to you!

However, that’s not the end of the process because the next step is more crucial. It’s more important to ensure that your prospective consumers see it.

What we suggest is embed it on your website pages, such as on the homepage, service/product pages, about us, or a conversion-optimized landing page.

It’s a great idea to include it in your digital marketing resources, such as your social media marketing plan.

You can also publish these videos on your brand’s YouTube channel. Imagine you get lucky and become an overnight star and go viral.

In a Nutshell

As we know, not every business needs an explainer video. However, yours can benefit tremendously if your organization, service, or product could use further explanation and illustration.

This is exclusively true if you are a tech firm providing software or mobile applications because these are undoubtedly the most typical areas for explainer videos.

It might be surprising for you to know that even other industries, such as service firms and ecommerce retailers, can take advantage of this strategy.

When you effectively combine the demands and interests of your audience with your goals, vision, and resources, your sales can increase massively.

If you are ready to jump on this bandwagon and looking for a reputable production company that can create a high-quality and spectacular explainer video for your brand. Then we have a suggestion for you.

A popular video animation agency BuzzFlick is well-known for its explainer video animation production services. Their work speaks volumes. They have an extensive portfolio which you can view on their website. If you need their assistance, just drop a message to them, and one of their customer reps will contact you.

On this note, we conclude this blog. We hope you’re now all ready to make your very own explainer video.

Thank you for reading on Mazing US!



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