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3 Intresting Pyjama Styles for you!

Pyjamas can soothe our souls. They are not just your regular bedtime wear clothing anymore. From shopping for a pyjama once a year there has been a drastic increase in the sale of women’s pyjamas online India.

For years pyjamas have created a divide – some that believe it is a state of mind and way of life and the others that don’t deem them fit to be worn outside of your house or even the bedroom.

But, times are changing and we definitely love good pyjamas or even a set of couple pyjamas. And we know that you won’t deny this either.

But we also know that styling a pyjama can be a bit of a task. But, rest assured, even if you are new to this trend, we promise this is not as difficult as being stuck in heavy traffic for hours. 

To help you slay your pyjama look we have put together 3 interesting pyjama styles for you. Read on and don’t forget to order women’s pyjamas online India or even a set of couple pyjamas.

Printed Pyjama Style

Printed women’s pyjamas online India are all the rage. If you want to rock anything from pizza to pyjamas then wearing printed pyjamas will put you on the top of your game. From Marvel to Disney and art and music, you can get a print of anything on your pyjama when you look for women’s pyjamas online India. If the couples are feeling left out then buy couple pyjamas with all things love printed on them and you would be the cutest couple on the block. 

Plain but Playful Pyjama Style

Solids never fail to impress. Be it with t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shorts or pyjamas. They are easy to style and offer an effortless and classy look. Plain pyjamas can be your go-to casual wear. Order women’s pyjamas online India in a colour that you love and a fabric that you are most comfortable in and you will be the next fashion queen. Make sure you pick a bright colour for a slumber party and go for the darker shades for a beach walk or a late-night jog. This will add to your appearance and well, you can always show off a little, no harm done there. 

Pocket Pyjama Style 

We are dependent on pockets these days. The number of personal belongings we have on us is crazy. If you are someone who has 2-3 essentials on you while you are on the go, pockets can be your saviour. They are the perfect place to store your cellphone, keys, lip balm and money. Pockets have switched from being a utility to a must-have in any pyjama and hence when you buy pyjamas make sure you check for pockets. 

Now that you know the 3 interesting pyjama styles you must switch to being a pyjama person for life and ditch your jeans for a pair of comfortable, stylish, and somewhat sassy pair or pyjamas. 

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