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10 Things to Have in Your Apartment That’ll Remind You of Home

When traveling for work, there are times where you have to rent a new apartment since it is much cheaper than a hotel.  It’s hard to constantly jump from one location to another without anything to remind you of home.

There are five sensory categories that humans have: smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing.  If you keep items in your apartment that remind you of home and relate to your five senses, it will be easier to feel at home in a new city.

Smells like Home

Smell is one of the strongest senses when it comes to memory.  You can smell your favorite food being cooked without it there, and you can smell fresh rain on asphalt.  

1. Candles

If you are moving between states, there are state candles that you can use.  From personal experience, the smell of the candle is very spot on.  This is one way to bring your state with you, however, if you normally use candles, bring one of your favorites with you!

2.  Diffuser

If stronger scents aren’t your cup of tea, then get a diffuser.  There are cheaper and more expensive options, it depends on what you need for your space.  You can find all sorts of oil blends at your local market and some major retailers will also carry essential oils.

Feels Like Home

Touch is another familiar sense that we use starting at a very young age.  Make sure you bring items that have familiar textures to add to your comfort!

3. Most Comfortable Blanket

There is almost always that one blanket.  You know the one: the one that no one wants to admit is their favorite either because of how it feels, smells, or what it reminds you of.  This blanket is important for keeping you feeling homey and comfortable in your new space.

4. Your Own Bedding

It may sound crazy, but bring at least one set of your own sheets with you.  New sheets and some hotel sheets are often starched and can be rough on the skin.  If you bring sheets that you have had, they are washed, flexible, and soft.  

Tastes Like Home

Food, no matter where you go, is a way to connect people to their history, to one another, and to their future.  

5. Keep Favorite Snacks On Hand

If your snacks are local favorites, it may be hard to find them in other states or cities.  If your favorite snacks are easier to find at larger retailers, you might have more luck.  Either way, keeping familiar snacks can make it easier to try new things and still have the comfort of home.

6. Cook with the flavors of home

From the fresh Mediterranean seasonings of the East Coast, to southwest spicy rubs, it is important to cook with the flavors of your home.  It’s great to be adventurous with flavors, just make sure you keep the staples on hand.

Sounds Like Home

Our lives are full of sound no matter where we go.  From the sound of appliances, to the sound of the radio in the car, life is hardly silent.  

7. Bring a speaker

There are many different portable speakers available.  If you have one, it is time to bring it with you on this trip. When in your new apartments near Greensboro, play familiar music either from your neighborhood, or music that you normally play.

8. Fountains and Familiar Sounds

If there is a fountain in your home, find a way to incorporate a new fountain in your apartment.  When you can’t bring your fountain, the next best step is to play city or nature soundtracks.

Looks Like Home

In new environments, it takes time to adjust to where items are in your new home.  This is why it is important to bring something with you that reminds you of home.  You can also easily take advantage of temporary flooring, couch covers, and more.

9. Favorite Decor

My favorite decor is an old piece of corrugated metal with a pasture scene painted on it.  It always reminds me that home is with your herd.  Is there a piece like that in your home? Something that reminds you of joyful times would be best.

10. Change the Color Palette

Most apartments have the basic color scheme of neutral colors.  Fortunately, neutral colors go well with many different color schemes.  Couch covers, temporary flooring and wall paper are great ways to bring your own style to the apartment.


In Summary …

Working from a new location can be rather nerve-wracking.  The stress of a fast paced work environment or even the constant transitions can create a great deal of discomfort.  It’s important to consider what you need in terms of self-care and your five senses.



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